Ricky Gervais' Most Offensive Jokes Ever

As one of the most divisive comedians working today, Ricky Gervais is well known for his shamelessly controversial jokes and has become perhaps most notorious for being one of the most proudly controversial Golden Globe awards presenters of all time. With his penchant for publicly exposing uncomfortable truths, love for politically incorrect comedy, and barefaced revelry in making people feel as awkward as possible for his own humorous gain, it goes without saying that Gervais' comedy can be something of an acquired taste to some.

So, in many ways it feels just ever so slightly surprising that Gervais is returning to present the Golden Globe awards for the fourth time in his career — I think most of us are. It seems like there's no topic too sensitive, liable, or offensive for Gervais to approach, and even better (or worse?), he has no problem with making these jokes directly into the faces of his targets.

Gervais has had some truly wince-worthy comedy moments over the years, and to catch you up on those moments before the big show takes place on Sunday, Jan. 10, I've saved you the multiple hours worth of YouTube searches to bring you eight of his most offensive jokes ever. Just be warned: If you are easily offended, then I recommend that you step away now — some of this is definitely not for sensitive souls.

1. When He Poked Fun At Tim Allen's Career

On the upside, Allen took in his stride. Because Buzz Lightyear is a professional, you guys.

2. When He Introduced Robert Downey Jr. Via The Actor's Former Vices

Downey Jr. is such a class act, though. What a man.

3. When He Introduced Madonna At The Golden Globes

You don't take on Madonna and expect to slither out of it alive.

4. On The Allegedly Closeted Scientologist Actors In Hollywood

Have you ever heard a bigger gasp of shock at an awards ceremony?

5. On The List Of Things He's Not Allowed To Do At The Golden Globe Awards

I'd advise you to watch this video and take note of the expressions on the faces of Melissa McCarthy, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler. Something tells me that were not too impressed, and understandably so.

6. When He Made Fun Of Surprise Golden Globe Nomination The Tourist In Front Of Star Johnny Depp


7. When He Used Celebrities To Illustrate The Difference Between The Golden Globes And The Oscars

You need to be pretty brazen to be able to make a joke about the Golden Globe awards possibly accepting bribes while presenting at said awards show. Wow.

8. When He Introduced A Less Than Amused Bruce Willis As "Ashton Kutcher's Dad"

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be so quick to take on John McClane.

I think we all know what to expect when Gervais returns to his hosting duties at this years Golden Globes at this point, yeah?