Courtney Love's Nasty Gal Collab Is So '90s

All your '90s punk rock fantasies will soon become a reality. The first look at Courtney Love's collaboration with Nasty Gal, called "Love, Courtney By Nasty Gal," has hit the web, and it features baby doll dresses (if course), as well as all your favorite grungy style staples from back in the day. The collab will be available Thursday, Jan. 14 on the Nasty Gal website, and, as the brand's Instagram states, promises to be "a badass collection of lingerie you can wear all day." Yes, please!

The brand and the Hole front woman seem like the perfect match. Love is the style icon from the '90s era, and, by the looks of it, she has some serious design chops. There's no doubt '90s kids will be all over these punk-chic, grungy wares. The brand released a few sneak peek images featuring model and Love look-a-like Hailey Clauson rocking baby doll mini dresses, satin slips, and fuzzy cap-sleeve sweaters. Of course, it wouldn't be a Courtney Love collab without ripped fishnet tights, barrettes, chokers, and slept-in eyeliner to complete the look.

Don't be surprised if your palms get sweaty when you see these images. That was my reaction, and I'm not even a big fan of the alt music scene, and even I can tell how fantastic this collaboration is. Take a look:

Love's style defines the rebellious, girls-can-rock-too aesthetic of the '90s that is experiencing a major revival today. Not only are these pieces awesome, they are also affordable — Vogue reports that pieces range from $48 to $188.

I predict these pieces will be flying off the virtual shelves come next week, so if you're lusting after anything in particular, make sure to mark your calendar.

Until you can shop the collection next Thursday, there are just two things left to do: dream about how bad-ass you're going to look in the clothes and, well, reminiscence about some of Love's best '90s looks. Because seriously, her style never gets old!

1. Slip Dresses

A nude slip dress + a red guitar = a sure way to look like a badass.

2. Marilyn Monroe-Inspired

I always loved how Love could take a very Marilyn Monroe look and make it grungy and cool. I would be surprised if there weren't some MM inspired pieces in her Nasty Gal collection.

3. Off-The-Shoulder Baby Doll Dress

Easily one of her classic looks: a lingerie-inspired baby doll dress with undone makeup and hair. This is, without a doubt, the epitome of Love's style.

4. Lingerie-Inspired

I'm a big fan of showing off lingerie. Clearly, Love and I share that sentiment.

5. Pastel Colors

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Love has a talent for taking girly, pastel colors and making them totally grungy. This pastel blue dress is a perfect example.

6. Cutesy

Don't let that Peter Pan collar fool you; this girl knows how to rock.

7. Overall Bad Ass

Nasty Gal said it best on their Instagram before they revealed Love as their latest collaborator: Love is "one of the baddest b*****s of all time."

I couldn't say it any better myself!

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