Gwen Stefani Shows Off Growing Baby Bump

Here's a fun fact to start this post off with: Gwen Stefani, that platnium blonde angel up there, is 44 years old. 44! And yet, due to her awesome angelness, she still manages to put most 20-somethings (including this one) to shame. Even pregnant, apparently, as indicated by this stunning selfie Gwen Stefani posted to show off her growing baby bump just yesterday.

Stefani posted the selfie along with the caption: "bump it #allblack #inappropriateshoes #capturethemoment #miracle." Hey, those shoes may be totally high and look lethal if used the correct way, but whatever — she is rocking them.

Though Stefani hasn't revealed her due date yet, she's clearly a number of months pregnant. Though she officially announced it only five days ago (along with the gender, a boy!), rumors surrounding whether or not she was pregnant had been floating around since at least five months ago — and it was pretty much confirmed before that when she was seen walking around with a baby bump, of course. This child will be her second with husband Gavin Rossdale, after their first son, Kingston (age 7) and their second son Zuma (age 5). Rossdale and Stefani have been married since 2002, which is an insanely long time in the celeb world.

Also, her kids all dress better than you and I, because their mom is Gwen Stefani.

Check out the selfie below.

Image: gwenstefani/Twitter