Romeo's GF On 'Growing Up Hip Hop' Is Totally Cool

The newest show on WEtv, Growing Up Hip Hop , is a fun, little window into the world of famous hip hop stars' offspring. I think at times viewers are supposed to feel bad for them because they are living in their famous parents' shadows and as a result, they have trouble getting their various endeavors off the ground. In the premiere episode we were immediately reintroduced to Lil' Romeo in the form of grown up Romeo Miller. He's is the son of Master P. You may remember Master P as the artist behind the hit, "Make 'Em Say 'Uhhhh'", because who hasn't quoted that at least once in their lives? Viewers also got a quick introduction to Romeo's adorable girlfriend, Toneata.

There was also a little side drama because Rev Run's daughter Angela Simmons apparently has some kind of connection with Romeo that he also acknowledges, and people seem to be focused on the fact (and often voice it rudely on his Instagram) that Toneata and Romeo's relationship is interracial, but I refuse to believe that anything will break them up. Love is real, friends. Love is real. So, after becoming mildly obsessed with their relationship, I took it upon myself to check out what other tidbits I could find about Romeo's lady.

She Wants To Become Miss USA

According to her Instagram bio, she is on a journey to become the next Miss USA. She seems to be really driven and she's also gorgeous, so I wouldn't be surprised if she snags that goal sometime soon.

She's a Star Wars Fan

I mean, right there she has about a billion people on her side.

Her Father Is A Purple Heart Decorated Veteran

Unfortunately, Toneata's father passed away when she was only a year old. He received a purple heart for his service in the Korean war, and Toneata honors his memory by working with the nonprofit organization Wounded Warriors.

She Is Proud Of Her Man

She gushes about Romeo constantly and I love that. These two are seriously in lurveeee. Also, you go girl.

These Two Know How To Vacation

I mean, seriously? Look at that water color. Is that even real? It's not real. She's standing in front of a giant screen saver. Case closed.

She Knows Her Bags

Girlfriend has impeccable taste. And, apparently she has a real dilemma on her hands in this picture. #TheStruggle

She Is Interested In Politics

Someday Toneata hopes to enter the world of politics. She often helps her mother, who is a construction defect attorney, prepare depositions.

Basically, Romeo's girlfriend is seriously well-rounded. Here's hoping they can make it last forever!