Bruce Jenner Might Have Found Himself A New Reality Show

Bruce Jenner is a lot of things — a reality TV star, an Olympic gold medallist, a person who may or may not be in the process of becoming female — but a dancer? Nope, never heard him described that way. But this might change soon because apparently Bruce Jenner wants to be on Dancing with the Stars . According to US Weekly, Bruce is in consideration to be part of season 18 or DWTS. A source told the magazine, "He's dying to do it. The show is close to locking him in."

It wouldn't be surprising if Jenner ends up on the show because he obviously has no issues with reality shows and two of his family members have already competed. Kim Kardashian was on season seven and was voted off early on while her brother, Rob Kardashian, was on season 13 and won second place. (Question: Does anyone remember hearing about this happening? I sure don't.) Jenner is obviously competitive from his decathlon days, so who knows, maybe he's still in good shape and would end up doing a great job at this.

On the other hand, I really can't see Bruce Jenner having good rhythm, can you? I think he would try pretty hard, but would be one of those people that is overly confident about their bad moves. He'd be like the girl at a bar (you know the one) who dances totally off beat and doesn't do much besides step back and forth, but really puts her ass into it anyway.

It'd be interesting to see Jenner on Dancing with the Stars at the very least, but I doubt he's up to Rob Kardashian status. Well, there's the first and last time I'll ever say that phrase.