Watch Kids Try Coffee For The First Time

Just when you thought you've seen kids do everything imaginable on the Internet, this video of kids trying coffee for the first time will melt your heart. Or at least remind you that coffee is an acquired taste and that you almost certainly didn't like it the first time you tried it. Now as an adult, on the other hand, coffee has become your only salvation in the face of a Monday morning. You depend on that hot brown water to take you from Sleepy to Doc. Basically, coffee is a magic potion and we are just lucky someone found a way to unlock our superpowers with it.

Kids trying food for the first time has been on trend in media and the interwebs. That compilation video of babies trying a lemon for the first time has gotten me in fits of laughter many times before. I look forward to adding this coffee video on that list. Actually, come to think of it, videos of people trying anything for the first time is really popular. It could be babies and food, teens with old technology or even friends seeing each other naked for the first time. First times are fun and even more fun to watch other people experience. I would even say that it has something to do with this: when people try things for the first time, we never really know what their reaction is going to be. Some people might react strongly with hate or love and some might just be in the middle with a simple meh.

I especially like this kids and coffee video because the kids were obviously going to hate the coffee. I mean. I hate coffee. But I am addicted to it. So at this point in my life all I can really do is douse it in sugar and milk until it tastes like chocolate. Then I get a boost of energy (mostly from the sugar) that lasts me a while and keeps me from knowing what that horrible liquid really tastes like. Below are some highlights from the video:

1. Presumptions

Before we even got to the actual drinking part, we learn the general consensus of the room. It seems like kids were fed information that would have been really useful to people like me! Also, never grow up kid.

2. The Smell Test

How can we try something when it might be really bad!? Lucky for us, evolution has given us an amazing sense of smell. It's not as good as a dogs, but it usually really good at telling when something is appetizing or not.

3. Final Verdict

As predicted, this group of kids didn't love the taste. But their comments are worth at least six different viewings.

Watch the full video below!

Images: YouTube