15 Valentine’s Day Gifts You Gotta Get Your BFF

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year you have to spread the love. I’m not talking about just smooching your significant other all night — I’ve rounded up 15 best friend Valentine’s Day gifts you gotta get your BFF, because after all the ups and downs, they deserve a little something for always being there. Your BFF needs some love too, because they basically rock your entire world, and you would be lost without them. Right?

I know I would be completely lost without my BFF. She’s the one who calls me on my shit, and stands by my side no matter what crazy shenanigans I decide to get into. There’s nothing like having a BFF that’s been there through everything with you. You all know what I mean. They’ve seen you at your sickest, your most depressed, and your happiest. They’ve probably seen a side of you that you would never even reveal to your significant other.

This year, show them how much you care with one of these truly genius BFF gifts. Whether your best friend loves jewelry, chocolate, makeup, or anything to do with booze, there’s something here for them. All that’s left is grabbing a mushy card telling them how much you love them — yes, for your BFF, because you guys get real like that (and if you don’t, you should).

1. Ms. Betty’s Original Sophisticated Bitch Candle

For that sophisticated BFF in your life, give them a candle that will remind them just how awesome they are every time they light it.

Candle, $19, Etsy

2. You’re My Person

Hey Grey’s Anatomy fans, here’s the necklace you’ve been dreaming of. Just try not to cry when your best friend opens it.

Best Friend Necklace, $17, Etsy

3. 'Why You’re So Awesome' Book

Say it with words. This book is the way to tell your BFF all the reasons why they’re awesome and you can’t live without them.

Why You're So Awesome' Book, $10, Urban Outfitters

4. The Chocolate Bar Eye Makeup Set

There’s no denying how adorable this chocolate bar eye makeup set is — perfect for the chocolate lover and makeup addict, all in one.

The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette By Too Faced, $49, Sephora

5. Falling Hearts iPhone Case

You know your BFF loves her iPhone, so help her protect it in style with this sparkling case. Every time she reaches for her phone, she’ll be thinking of you.

iPhone Case, $20, Urban Outfitters

6. Fries Over Guys

It’s all about solidarity, sister. Fries over guys always. Really fries first and foremost, right up there with your BFF.

Fries Over Guys Tee, $32, Nylon Shop

7. Best of Friends

You can’t be there for your BFF all the time, so be there in a photo that she’ll cherish forever. Add a picture of the two of you before giving it to her, and be ready for some waterworks of love.

Picture Frame, $21, Wayfair

8. Drink Happy Thoughts

You and your BFF will have the perfect glasses to toast to the highs and lows of life .

Drink Happy Thoughts Wine Glasses, $16, Urban Outfitters

9. Adorable PJs

Remind her that she deserves some serious relaxation time with these oh-so-sweet heart pjs.

Pajama Set, $20, Victoria’s Secret

10. Taste of Luxury

Got a BFF who loves luxury and booze? Give her the gift that keeps on giving so she can party long into the night in style.

Flask, $40, ModCloth

11. That’s A Wrap Ban.Do Scarf

It’s the best time of year to bust out the scarves, especially this one covered in bright red hearts.

Scarf, $24,

12. Lovin’ Spoonfuls

If your BFF loves to cook, help her whip up some tasty creations with these lovable measuring spoons. You might even get some chocolate chip cookies out of the deal.

Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons, $8, ModCloth

13. Some Sweet Chocolate

Chocolates aren’t just for your significant other. Your chocoholic bestie will be eternally grateful for this package, especially when she sees that big ol’ chocolate tub of love in there. Sweet, right?

Chocolate Set, $44, Dude, Sweet Chocolate

14. I Just Want Champagne

A bubbly BFF deserves a clutch that matches her personality, and will help her stand out in the crowd.

Champagne Clutch, $10, Dogeared

15. Luxury Gold Body Oil

The ultimate gift of luxury for your best friend? This body oil will help her pamper herself, and yes, those are real flecks of gold in there.

Gold Body Oil, $71, Shiffa

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Images: Etsy; Etsy; Urban Outfitters; Sephora ; Urban Outfitters; Nylon Shop; Wayfair; Urban Outfitters; Victoria’s Secret; ModCloth;; ModCloth; Dude, Sweet Chocolate; Dogeared; Shiffa