How Many Golden Globes Does Jon Hamm Have? ‘Mad Men’ Hasn’t Brought Him Much Gold

After being snubbed so many times at various awards ceremonies, John Hamm has been considered the Leonardo DiCaprio of television. One of Hamm's final chances to take home a trophy for the role of Don Draper is coming up on Sunday. Has Jon Hamm won a Golden Globe for Mad Men ? How might that affect his chances on Sunday night? Surely, the show's excellent finale and the iconic character that he played won't let him down.

It's actually not so bad — Jon Hamm did win the Golden Globe for Mad Men in 2008, way back when the AMC series had just started, but then never again. This is the reverse of what happened with the Emmy Awards, in which Hamm only won for Mad Men's final season. Before then, Hamm was such a storied loser that he and Amy Poehler, who similarly received one Golden Globe and zero Emmy Awards for her role as Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, hosted a losers-only Emmys afterparty in 2013.

Why does this matter? The Golden Globes have actually been pretty good about spreading this particular award, Best Actor In A Television Drama, around to different actors and different shows. Bryan Cranston only won once for Breaking Bad. Damien Lewis only won once for Homeland. Kevin Spacey isn't even nominated this year for House of Cards. The most recent actor to win multiple times for the same role was Hugh Laurie for House. Plus, this year's nominees include some exciting newcomers like Narcos' Wagner Moura and Mr. Robot breakout (as well as one of the internet's many boyfriends) Rami Malek. So it's not too surprising that Hamm has not been a repeat winner.

Overall, I would say that Jon Hamm's odds of winning a Golden Globe on Sunday are not great, since he has won in the past. However, the actor did some of his best work in the middle and end of that series, and it would be a shame to see it go unrecognized. Think of it as a tribute to the now iconic character. Plus, Jon Hamm has been nominated six times for the role, that's almost more than anyone, ever. That has to count for something.

Image: Courtesy of AMC