Seriously? This Is it, 'Hunger Games'?

You know, we've come to expect a lot from the epic YA-trilogy turned action-packed movie franchise, The Hunger Games. The acting, the visuals, the dynamic dissection of dystopian futures and the people who run them — all wrapped up in one larger-than-life, super-cool cinematic package. And for the last two films, their promotional game has been on point: I mean heck, the Hunger Games: Catching Fire poster was a giant, cool-as-hell GIF (sorry, "motion poster"). Which is probably why we're a bit underwhelmed by the lameness of their Mockingjay poster reveal, because it's pretty much the same thing we've already seen everywhere else.

Now listen, ardent supporters of Katniss and Peeta: we understand any news from Panem is likely to be good news at this point (we have so much longer to wait!), but sometimes quality really does trump quantity. True, the image is stoic and carries the emotional weight of the last film's final minutes into posterized form, but, eh. Is that really all you've got, Lionsgate? For one of the biggest movie franchises in the game right now? Or as covering up Jennifer Lawrence's cropped hairdo put a damper on your marketing budget this go-around?

Whatever the case may be, we suppose we'll just have to deal — for now. But you've been put on notice, folks: we expect big things from you all, you've set the bar high and you have to keep jumping over it. Both a blessing and a curse but hey: it's better than being a total blahfest, right? Have a look at judge for yourself.

Image: Lionsgate/Facebook