Jennifer Lawrence's 2016 Golden Globes Gown Is An Unexpected Look For The Nominee — PHOTOS

When you think of Jennifer Lawrence and you think of the Golden Globes, a clip of the Hunger Games star screaming, "I beat Meryl!" from 2013 probably plays in your head. While she probably won't ever live that moment down, let's move on and instead, picture Jennifer Lawrence's Golden Globes 2016 gown when thinking about the star-studded awards show. Why? Well, just look at the 25-year-old award-winning actor on the red carpet tonight— girl is straight up killin' it in a bold red gown with cutouts, and it's equal parts sexy and elegant. Don't even get me started on her hair and makeup. The whole ensemble, from head to toe, deserves an award in and of itself.

I have to say, I'm a little disappointed that fellow nominee and BFF Amy Schumer did not end up wearing the same dress, even though that was Lawrence's goal when she heard they were up for the same award. (They're both up for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy category, Lawrence for Joy and Schumer for Trainwreck.) I forgive her though, because this Dior dress might be my favorite of Lawrence's red carpet looks. The last time she attended the Globes in 2014, Lawrence's simple white Dior dress was so popular, it started a meme. While her gown tonight might not do the same, I think it deserves just as much praise.

Those cutouts! That diamond choker necklace! The pulled back, but voluminous chignon! All. So. Good.

Red is not a color we're used to seeing on J. Law, but it's one that she should consider wearing more. Perhaps she remembered how incredible she looked in a red gown at the Oscars in 2011, and was like, "Yeah, that look and color totally worked." The bright hue complements that killer smile of hers, as well as her stunning platinum 'do. While she could've gone with the ever so popular nude lip, I'm really stoked Lawrence topped her look off with a soft red pout, too.

Honestly, she looks like new-meets-old-school Hollywood glamour, and I couldn't love it more.

Even if J. Law ends up tripping and falling this evening (like she does so many times), tomorrow everyone would still be talking about tonight's look.