The Tatums Are Major #RelationshipGoals

I know a hefty majority of couples in Hollywood don’t make it, but the Internet has declared that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum are #RelationshipGoals, and I wholeheartedly agree. If I was a betting woman, which I’m not because I’m broke, but if I was, I’d bet that this exemplary marriage lasts indefinitely. There’s just something incredibly loving, genuine, and fun about the gorgeous pair. For instance, they readily give us glimpses into their life together without making it a spectacle for the cameras. They just totally dig each other and it shows, guys. It really shows.

If their Lip Sync Battle wasn’t enough to make you a full fledged Tatum marriage shipper, perhaps I can provide further evidence to convince you that these guys are it. Because, they are. They are the epitome of marital bliss. Not to mention that they combined their supreme genes and have a daughter together, who they both obviously adore. So, allow me to also mention that they are total #FamilyGoals, too. Ugh. They are certainly making it hard out here for everyone, famous or not, in a lesser relationship, that’s for sure. But, in the same token, they’re also giving people a lot of hope and higher relationship standards, too.

Here are 21 ways that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum are, in fact, #RelationshipGoals, as most of the Internet has declared them to be.

1. Channing Is Constantly In Awe Of Jenna

Is this what marriage is? Laying around in a mermaid suit while your husband takes your pic? Because if so, I am IN. I am so IN.

2. And He's Totally Amused By Her

In the best way.

3. Jenna Is Channing's Biggest Fan, Too

Support in a relationship is everything, people.

4. And She's So Appreciative Of Him


5. You Can Just Tell That Wherever They Go, They Have A Total Blast Together

This looks better than all my real prom photos, tbh.

6. They Coordinate Halloween Costumes

In a non-corny way.

7. On A Shallow Note, Their Ridiculous Good Looks

Beauty isn't everything, I know. But look at them!

8. He Constantly Shows Off How Great A Mom She Is

My heart hurts from the cute.

9. ...Like, All The Time

What a good hubs.

10. They Cherish Their Family Time

#TatumTakeover, beach edition.

11. Even Fellow Celebrities Can't Get Over Them

If Matt Bomer ships it, you gotta ship it.

12. I Mean, Chrissy Teigen Valiantly Gave Up Her & John Legend's "Cutest Couple" Title To Them

If you have to lose to someone, you're probably glad it's them.

13. They Bask In Their Combined Victory (Of Killin' It) Together

They're all winners, here.

14. They Do Photo Shoots WITH & FOR One Another

Goodbye, cruel world.

15. They Promote Charity Together

Luckiest dogs on planet Earth.

16. They've Made Their Relationship Last

And judging by the hair situation, things have only gotten better.

17. They Show Their Love So Damn Effortlessly

*Insert ALL the crying emojis*

18. This, This, THIS

It's been almost three years since this picture was taken, but I still haven't recovered.

19. The Fact That Their Combined Competitive Spirits Gave Us The Following GIFts

On loop. For eternity.

20. Um, Because They Fell In Love On The Set Of Step Up

No greater or more epic love story than that.

21. But Mostly Because Even When They're Against Each Other, They're Actually For Each Other

Which is the best way to be. But, you know, healthy competition clearly keeps things interesting.

So, when's the reality show happening? I need it, people!

Images: chantatum/Tumblr (1)