You Can Turn Your Selfies Into Latte Art

Remember this morning, when coffee was merely the life blood that kept you from dying? Thanks to this machine that makes latte art of your photos, now coffee is so much more than that. Called The Ripple Maker, this new-fangled contraption is pretty much killing the 2016 hipster coffee art game by making your next masterpiece as simple as downloading a picture into its system and pressing a few buttons. Et voilà! Your selfie just got preserved into delicious foam.

Right now The Ripple Maker is only available to purchase for retail purposes, and they've started rolling them out in a few locations for people to test them. The idea is that the baristas, using an app, can control what images end up in the content library on the machine, and then select them to get made into latte art. Customers looking to have their own unique designs could submit them for barista approval, and then do things that are so darn stinkin' cute that it swells up my already obnoxiously glittery, sappy heart. Or do things that would bring great shame upon the baristas of Williamsburg, which is what I plan to do when I submit a picture of all of Chris Pratt's abdominals (I KNOW WHAT I WANT, OK?).

Here are a few other ideas people have already put to the test:

A Cute Way To Brighten Someone's Day

If I got a "Good Morning EMMA!" on my coffee I'd probably just lay down and die of happiness. Or lack of caffeine, because I wouldn't want to drink something so baller.

A New Way To Show Off Your Selfies

Step aside, Instagram. Now I'll be taking 18 selfies in a row and crying myself to sleep by the faint light of the filter options for a more worthy cause.


GO 'HAWKS!!! This is the Beast Mode of coffee designs.

A Way To Celebrate Your Favorite Designs

I don't have any cool tattoos to base mine off of, mostly because I know if I got one it would end up being a horrible bastardization of the Deathly Hallows, a lightsaber, and the lyrics to a Taylor Swift song. Can we get that in foam too?

A Way To Get Your Daytime ~Flirt~ On In 2016

Can't do that on a vodka cran, now, can ya?

Things I also need to see on a latte immediately: Rey from Star Wars,my name with the word "Supreme Ruler" in front of it, a puppy, a picture of a cup of coffee (SO META) — and, of course, a picture of ME. BRB, opening my own coffee shop so I can justify getting one of these for my human self to enjoy. Bottoms up!

Images: YouTube