7 Of Samantha Bee's Most Badass Moments, 'Cause She's Breaking Up The Late Night Boy's Club

Anyone who grew up watching The Daily Show knows that Samantha Bee is a powerfully funny and inspiring human. With her new show Full Frontal With Samantha Bee hitting the airwaves, I’m dreamily recalling Samantha Bee's most badass moments. There are too many to name, but I'm about to try. Why? 'Cause this is the internet, and from what I hear, it really enjoys lists.

Bee is the longest-running senior correspondent in The Daily Show's history, and few topics have escaped her cutting satire. From presidential politics to Long Island's fight to secede from the Union, she takes on global issues one zinger at a time. We’ve seen her take up the mantle for reproductive rights and equal pay for women, battling the misogyny of society to hilarious ends. Now, she’s graduated to being one of the only humans with two X chromosomes to host a late-night show on a major network... just in time for the three-ring circus that is sure to be the 2016 election. This is gonna be good, guys.

So without further ado, let’s cue the montage of great achievements in general badassery by Samantha Bee. Enjoy, and make sure to catch Full Frontal With Samantha Bee , Mondays at 10:30 / 9:30 C. on TBS.

When She Took On McCain / Palin 2008

When Arizona Sen. John McCain chose Gov. Sarah Palin as his 2008 presidential campaign running mate, Bee parodied McCain's alleged strategy to get the female vote: "As a proud vagina American, I'll be voting for McCain in November." As she says, although Palin is the ideological opposite of Hilary Clinton, "she's her gynecological twin."

'Cause obviously, all it takes to trick women into voting for you is to partner up with one of their fellow uterus-owners.

When She Crashed Comic Con & Set Off Serious Truth Bombs

TBS on YouTube

While touring New York Comic Con 2015, Bee addressed the absurdly sexualized depictions of women in comic books. Motioning to a drawing of a female comic book character clothed in the equivalent of a dishrag and packing a pair of Titanic-sized chesticles, Bee said, "This looks like the kind of picture people used to masturbate to before the internet."

Samantha Bee: one. Male gaze: zero.

When She Went Behind The Scenes Of Fashion Week: For Men

"Hooray for MEN!" marveled the comedian when she brought us inside designer Robert Geller's studio for the first-ever Men's New York Fashion Week. Bee got the scoop from some professionally good-looking humans on the on-trend male model look: "very kind of alien-looking," "shaved otter dipped in a barrel of melted butter, and "kingdom of Asgard," just to give you an idea. What a time to be alive!

When She Addressed A Maddening Precedent Affecting Rape Survivors

In 2015, Bee did a Daily Show report about a truly maddening reality in America: in many instances, a rape survivor who has become pregnant can't terminate her rapist's parental rights. WHAT???

By talking to advocates in Congress and activists in the field who continue to fight this "un-f***ing-believable situation," Bee shone a light on an issue that we should all be mad-as-hell about. At the same time, she made us seriously consider investing in some emotional support chickens.

When She Lampooned The 'Carly Fiorina With Puppies' Video

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on YouTube

ICYMI, last year The Independent Journal released a video titled "Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats With Carly Fiorina," featuring the senator playing with a bunch of puppies on a couch. (Why: who knows?! Because affection for animals equals humanity? Maybe!)

While I am decidedly pro-dog all the way, I far prefer Bee's spoof of the ad — "Samantha Bee Does A Thing With A Dog For Some Reason." Sample quote: "I am relating to you..."

When She Responded To Bozos Trying To Keep Women Out Of Combat

In a 2012 Daily Show segment, Bee lampooned some of the crazy-pants complaints leveled by pundits against women in the military. (Especially the notion that women are meant to be protected, not protectors, and that rape should be something they expect).

"Jon, I would like to apologize," she said facetiously as she motioned significantly to her lady lumps. "For this... for ALL this."

When She Fixed The Vanity Fair Photo

Something glaringly obvious was missing from the photo for Vanity Fair 's September 2015 story, "Why Late Night TV Is Better Than Ever": WOMEN. Ever the sharp righter of wrongs, Bee corrected this omission by tweeting a Photoshopped version of the image with a centaur version of herself shooting laser beams out of her eyes. Now that's what I call crashing a boy's club.

Here's to our Queen (Sam) Bee: dismantling the patriarchy, one joke at a time.

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