What Happens When Newbies Try CrossFit

by Kaitlyn Wylde

The combination of the words "cross" and "fit" have a shiver-inducing quality for most non-gymoholics. Which is exactly why BuzzFeed pulled together a handful of their least-likely people to try CrossFit for two months. Two whole months! I wouldn't do that challenge for two days. Because personally, I prefer my workouts on the carpet in front of the TV. I'll do a few half-ass sit-ups during the commercial breaks of Jane the Virgin. Maybe if I'm feeling really motivated, I'll do some calf pushups while I wait for my burrito to heat up in the microwave, too.

Maybe CrossFit is the kind of workout that appeals to people who were really into team sports. It seems like there's a strong group aspect to it, you're all struggling together and amping each other up. And maybe because the closest thing I got to a team sport was a dance class, I just don't see the appeal in struggling, at all... even if it is together, with great people, who really motivate you. That said, CrossFit is a more popular chain than some fast food places, so clearly it has its people. And I'm happy for them, truly. Just, yano — count me out.

When BuzzFeed sent a group of gym newbies to CrossFit they were rightfully terrified. Their experiences ranged from "literally can't even" to "I'm going to puke" to "never again" and "OK, not so bad." There's no doubt that no matter how heinous the workout, the after effects of working out are stellar. And while there are plenty of different types of workout classes, more than one for everyone, CrossFit does seem to be the reigning champion of intensity. So if you can stomach a gnarly workout like the weight tossing, floor pounding circus that is CrossFit, you can probably handle anything. Here are some of my favorite highlights from the experiment:

Week One

Their first workout included "wall balls." An activity in which they threw a weighted ball up against the ceiling, over and over and over again. So fun, right?!!

Week Two

The workouts get pretty intense. All the participants complained of excessive sweating. They compared the atmosphere of the room to a sauna. YUM!

Week Three

The energy kicks in! They workouts start to give these guys mega energy. They're hurting, but they're buzzing, too.

Week Four

By week four, they lost a solider. That's right — the same guy who was so stoked on life the week before dropped out of the experiment. So his trainers came to surprise him at work and force him to make up for all the classes he missed in one shot.

Final Thoughts

I think in general, everyone was really proud of themselves for trying it out and going through with the madness. But there a unanimous sense of "never again." Watch the full video below:

Images: YouTube