This New 'Downton Abbey' Clip Will Make You Wish it Was Sunday

This Downton Abbey clip is so painful to watch, but still, I can't help it — I'm so excited for this Sunday's episode after seeing it. In a new clip for this week's episode of Downton Abbey , which is currently airing its fourth season on PBS, we get a small hint of Anna's current emotional state after she was raped earlier in the season, and a look at an important conversation she has with Mrs. Hughes about telling her husband, and moving forward.

The clip, which runs at just over a minute and 30 seconds long, begins with Anna avoiding her husband as she's done since the rape, because she doesn't want him to find out and murder the rapist, thus jeopardizing his own future and landing him back in jail. When Anna leaves in a hurry, Mrs. Hughes follows, and speaks with Anna about moving forward with her life, and possibly telling her husband something. Anna refuses, saying he'll know she's lying, before walking away — but what happens next changes pretty much everything. I won't ruin it, of course, because plot twists are what make Downton Abbey so damn good.

You can check out the clip below. A new episode of Downton Abbey will air on PBS Masterpiece Theatre this Sunday, at 9 p.m. EST.

Image: ITV