Obsessive Compulsive's 'Misery' Lip Tar Is Coming

The Broadway bug has bitten Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, known for its dramatic, mega glam, and stay put Lip Tars. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has created a Misery Lip Tar and of course the shade is blood red! But it also features new packaging, dubbed "Lip Tar/RTW." The scarlet shade takes all of its inspo from the Broadway adaptation of the Stephen King novel, which was also made into a movie and garnered Kathy Bates an Academy Award in the early '90s. When and where can you buy the Misery Lip Tar? I've got all the details.

But first... a little primer, as information, not an eye shadow base, on Misery.

The character of Annie Wilkes lives at the hub of the Misery action. She's an obsessed fan of a specific series of romance novels who becomes increasingly unhinged after the author mysteriously comes under her care. Don't ask any more questions if you're not familiar with the backstory.

Just Netflix and chill with the movie or grab tix to the Broadway version, which stars Laurie Metcalf and Bruce Willis, if you have the means. It's terrifyingly campy.

But if you are less interested in the source material and way more into this crimson lip color from a brand that recently broke the mold with male models, well, I've got all the details.

OCC will release the shade on Monday, Jan. 11. It will be available exclusively on the OCC site and at the brand's flagship Manhattan outpost.

This marks the brand's first official Broadway collabo and it's a bloody good one.

So, what's so special about Lip Tar/RTW? Well, the pigment-rich liquid lipstick formula remains in tact, as it should, since that's what OCC is known for. But OCC devotees will notice that the RTW version, which stands for "ready to wear," of the product means it is packaged in a narrow tube with a doe-foot wand, allowing for added ease of application. Those wands are critical for such a full coverage lipstick.

The classic Lip Tars are usually available in triangle squeeze tubes with long applicator tips.

OCC is also the official makeup sponsor of the production, which runs through Feb. 14. As for the Lip Tar? Well, it lasts and lasts!

Images: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (2); Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics/Instagram (2)