The Song The Honda Civic Ad Is A "Dream"

Well, I'll be a tub of glittery face paint! The spectacularly costumed electro-alternative band from Down Under has lent one of their spectacular tunes to a surreal television spot for the latest iteration of Honda’s notoriously reliable sedan. If you thought the song in the 2016 Honda Civic ad sounds a lot like “Walking on a Dream” by Empire of the Sun, that is because it is “Walking on a Dream” by Empire of the Sun. The tune that soundtracks the Honda designer’s imaginary adventure can be found on the Sydney-based duo’s 2008 album, Walking on a Dream.

In 2009, Empire of the Sun was nominated for approximately 10 million ARIA Awards, including Album of the Year (and you better believe Walking on a Dream won). Hit single “Walking on a Dream” was nominated for Highest Selling Single, Single of the Year, and Best Video. The song nabbed the awards for the latter two categories. In 2010, the track won Dance Work of the Year at the APRA Music Awards, an Australian award show that honors songwriting. (tl; dr: the Empire of the Sun trophy case is the opposite of empty.)

Here's Josh Logue’s award-winning music video for “Walking on a Dream”:

Image: Honda/YouTube