A Milli Vannili Musical Is Heading Your Way

So, remember Milli Vanilli? That R&B pop and dance group from the late '80s with a name that led me to believe, until embarrassingly recently, that it was an act comprised of one person named Milli Vanilli, and not of multiple people, namely Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan — debatably? Well, Milli Vanilli is getting an opera, and it's heading to Brooklyn very, very soon.

The musical, called WOW, which stands for "Work-in-Progress," is not being headed up by Pilatus and Morvan or any of the people behind the original pop act, but will instead be an opera focusing on the rise and tragic fall of Milli Vanilli.

The story will focus, as any story of the ups-and-downs of the band must, on the infamous incident wherein Pilatus and Morvan were stripped of their Grammy awards after it came out that they were not the voices being used on the tracks, and were instead models and dancers fronting the band due mainly due to their charisma.

The creation of the opera is being handled by composer Joe Diebes, Christian Hawkey (who is a poet), and director David Levine. It will be opening in Brooklyn on Jan. 23 and closing Feb. 1.