What Does 'Ostinato' Mean To 'Pretty Little Liars'? Ezra's Book Title Hints At More Romance With Aria

When Pretty Little Liars returns on Tuesday night, five years will have passed from the Season 6A finale, which revealed A and put the show's ultimate mystery to rest. While the Liars have been enjoying "five A-free years," they certainly have changed a lot since Charlotte DiLaurentis was revealed to be the person in the black hoodie. But while Emily, Hanna, Spencer, and Aria have gone through their own grand transformations, "5 Years Forward" revealed that Ezra will have some of the biggest baggage. We'll be seeing a lot of Aria's ex when Pretty Little Liars Season 6B premieres, including some insight into his new job as a published author. Naturally, he isn't content with just being a writer: his book also needs to have a name that is a mini-mystery unto itself. What does Ezra's book title Ostinato mean? The single word is worthy of analysis.

The November special also revealed Ezra is promoting his new book alongside Aria, who now has a career in publishing. In the first four minutes of the new season, which was released by Freeform, Aria is holding Ezra's new book, confirming that the name of his new title is as pretentious as one might expect from Ezra. "Ostinato" certainly isn't a word that we hear everyday, and it makes the details of the book all the more elusive.

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The definition of Ostinato, according to Dictionary.com, is "a continuously reiterated musical phrase." That doesn't say much about what Ezra's book is actually about, but it does hint at the theme. Ostinato suggests a focus on repetition: perhaps it's the Pretty Little Liars' writers nod to the fact that there will once again be a Big Bad chasing the girls, and that the girls can't escape the torture of an A-like villain.

There's also the possibility that, much like the poem "B-26," Ezra's new bookOstinato is about Aria herself. The word "Aria" can also refer to music, and, according to Dictionary.com, means "an elaborate melody sung solo with accompaniment, as in an opera oratorio." If Ezra's book really does refer to Aria, perhaps it hints that she'll always "repeat" for him. It certainly leads credence to the theory that Ezria is endgame.

Then there's the idea that Ostinato might focus on a trauma that Ezra himself has experienced. As Ian Harding said in the "Five Years Forward" special, Ezra had something he loved taken away from him "very suddenly and very violently." While it's unclear as to what this refers to, it could very well be a person. Perhaps the mysterious word has nothing to do with the dictionary definition at all: maybe it's the last name or another reference to someone he cared about, and his book is about overcoming that loss.

Though there are plenty of theories about Ezra's new book, we'll have to wait until Season 6B to get the real story behind the title. With a name so mysterious, it better be worth reading beyond the cover. For more Pretty Little Liars theories, check out Bustle's podcast Taking This One To The Grave.

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