'PLL' Season 6B Could Have Deadly Consequences

Death. Not only is it an inevitable part of life, but it's also an inevitable part of most televised dramas. It doesn't matter how much fans may protest, no character is immune to meeting their maker. And that's why I think we should all fully prepare ourselves before heading into the Pretty Little Liars Season 6B premiere. Because like it or not, some of our beloved Rosewood members may not make it out of this season alive. What makes me say such a thing, you may ask? Well, the official poster — which finds our Liars carrying a casket — kinda feels like a dead giveaway, for starters. (Pun very much intended.) But who's most likely to die in PLL Season 6B? I have a feeling that question will be looming over us the entire season.

When the "5 Years Forward" special aired back in November, show creator I. Marlene King teased that there will be a "life or death" situation when the new Big Bad emerges, which means all of these characters will be in more danger than ever before. This series has never shied away from killing off people in the past, so what's to say now would be any exception? And while I'm fairly confident that our five core Liars are safe, here's who I think stands the biggest chance of meeting their demise by season's end.


A lot of people are under the suspicion that Jenna is the one inside the casket that the Liars are seen carrying in the poster. (They do seem to be sporting her iconic sunglasses, after all.) So there's a good chance she won't make it out of Season 6B alive. The only question would be — who's to blame for her grim fate: the Liars or Uber A?


She may have managed to escape death once, but that doesn't mean she'll end up being so lucky every time. And knowing Mona, she's bound to find herself in the thick of all the drama.

One Of The PLL Moms

As Mrs. D and Lieutenant Wayne Fields have already proven, not even parents are immune to death on this show. Perhaps this will be one way Uber A decides to send the Liars a message.


We've had our suspicions about Spencer's older sister throughout the years, but what if she ends up being a pawn in this new villain's games?


I hate to even think of the possibility, but if someone is after Alison again, perhaps they really wanted to hit her where it hurts.


We know that he's hit a few bumps in the road throughout these past five years, even looking to alcohol for comfort. Maybe this downward spiral will eventually take a deadly turn.


It's weird to think that the person who tormented the Liars for so long would be taken down by another Big Bad. But if Uber A is really capable of taking down A, it kinda makes you wonder what else he/she is capable of doing. Everyone better start watching their backs.

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