#FBF To Britney & Justin's Iconic Denim Outfits

Before there was Brangelina, Zanessa, and Kimye, there was good 'ol Brit and JT. Remember Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's matching denim outfits, aka, their most iconic look as a couple? Well, it happened fifteen years ago on Friday. Call them the original blue jean babies if you must!

It was the year 2001 at the American Music Awards that the supercouple would forever leave a mark in red carpet fashion. Spears and Timberlake showed up in matching denim ensembles to the max. While most would end the attire at boot-cut Levis, these two flames upgraded the getup to the next level — flashy jewels a must. Notice that even the purse and Timberlake's hat is decked out in all denim; clearly, the king and queen of teen pop take details — and commitment — seriously.

All-jean everything has infiltrated modern style too, proving that despite passing time, Spears and Timberlake are still immortal in everyone's hearts (and CD players). Case in point? In 2014, Katy Perry and Riff Raff channeled their inner Britney and Justin, concocting their own bedazzled outfits. Furthermore, enter "Britney and Justin" in Google and the first suggested search is "Britney and Justin denim" — a telltale sign of everlasting fame. The internet does not forget. I always like to wonder what would have happened if the two never broke-up... surely, more memorable couple costumes?


That patchwork detail though. If only they knew of the influence their denim show would impart.

To commemorate this holy day in pop culture history, shop these seven denim must-haves. It's about time you get your jean groove on — Britney and Justin would approve.

1. The Denim Coat

Vero Moda Belted Denim Duster Coat, $93,

Puffy parkas no more — this winter, it's all in the duster coat. Layer over a knitted sweater dress for extra warmth while keeping in theme with the retro denim vibe.

2. The Denim Jacket

ASOS Girlfriend Stonewash Jacket, $69,

I'm a firm believer that no wardrobe is complete without a trusty denim jacket. Mix and match different washes, cuts, and designs — the possabilities are endless.

3. The Denim Vest

Noisy May Sleeveless Denim Jacket, $69,

Go old-school with patchwork denim. Luckily enough, your childhood patch collection may just come in handy for sprucing up an otherwise mundane jean vest. If you're not in the mood to splurge, spin some tunes and hit that DIY grind.

4. The Denim Dress

Gestuz Denim Shirt Dress, $272,

The secret to the off-duty model uniform is in the denim dress. Effortlessly chic and ultra versatile, consider adding one to your closet pronto. Pair with a fur vest in the winter, gladiator lace-ups and Ray-Bans for the summer.

5. The Denim Skirt

River Island Denim Mini Skirt, $60,

The '70s are in full force in the sartorial world: bell sleeves, bolo necklaces, and now, the button-up denim skirt. I will admit I fell victim to this trend and ended up snagging a skirt of my own — perhaps I'll style mine with a vintage (read: sitting unforgotten in my dresser) Britney Spears concert tee.

6. The Denim Flares

Free People Denim Flares, $219,

Ready to give your skinnies a break? A pair of flare jeans is just the right replacement — add a peasant blouse or printed crop top for a splash of boho cool.

7. The Denim Overalls

Vero Moda Denim Overalls, $77,

Denim overalls are having a moment and this time around, they've been given the contemporary treatment (a stark contrast to my Winnie the Pooh overalls from the '90s). Take a tip in modern vintage dressing and pair your overalls with a striped tee — it's simplicity packed with a punch.

Images: Courtesy Brands