The Golden Globes Dress That Defined 1995

Besides Friends still being on air and Hillary Clinton being First Lady instead of running for president, 1995 wasn't all that different than today. The era might have been all about movie stars instead of Instagram stars, but the fashion trends had the same overall message as today — look cool without trying. Sharon Stone's 1995 Golden Globes gown encompassed the whole year all in one sexy and sophisticated look.

From wearing wings to a gala to sporting a turtleneck at the Oscars, Stone has never been one to shy away from a dramatic red carpet moment, and her 1995 Golden Globes look was no different. She showed up in an all-white, silk gown that combined sex appeal and elegance with classic and playful vibes, which is exactly what the year was all about. In fact, her look was so flawless that it could easily walk the red carpet today.

The floor length gown had a slit that came all the way up her thigh, while the top was wrapped and tied almost like a robe. It was layered without being too bulky, feminine yet showy, and risky but safe. Think of it this way — if Kim Kardashian time travelled back to '95, she would definitely be a fan of this outfit.

Darlene Hammond/Archive Photos/Getty Images

What made it the perfect dress for '95 was the combination of all different styles wrapped up in one stunning look. Sure, the year had it's growing presidential scandals, huge hit shows, and raunchy teen movies, but, like the many combined styles in Stone's dress, somehow it all seemed to work out just fine.

Darlene Hammond/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Her styling was equally on point. She kept it simple and classic with a red lip, finger waves in her hair, and light eyeliner, which kept all eyes on her dress without going to overboard. The year was all about giving a classic look a modern feel.

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Just when you thought the look couldn't get any better, Stone took a black cape-like jacket and draped it over her shoulders. Somehow, adding more layers made the look even sexier then it was before.

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The only drawback to the outfit was her super boxy clutch that she carried all night, but it wouldn't be a '90s look without it!

Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images

Red carpet looks from the '90s might have a bad rep, but clearly someone knew how to do it just right.