Taylor Finally Explains "Blank Space"

There are very few things in life that I am absolutely certain of. But whether or not I can love Taylor Swift any more than I already do is clear: No, I can not. At least that is what I thought. But when I watched the video of her performing an acoustic version of “Blank Space,” something in me shifted. It turns out that there are even fewer things that I am certain of than I originally thought, because I watched this video and my love for Taylor grew three times the size it had already been. (Picture the Grinch, but with a picture of Taylor plastered onto my ticker.) And do you want to know why my love grew even stronger for Swift after watching this video? It’s because I was totally blown away by her articulate, perceptive, and downright hilarious explanation of what inspired "Blank Space" in the first place. Seriously, guys, Swift should try her hand at standup, because her little intro to her performance is full of the confidence and comedic timing that take even the best comedians years to master.

Just look at her (below), up on that stage with the red curtain behind her, dressed all in black like a more stylish Louis C.K.; the scene has all the makings of a primetime comedy special. She could even throw in some Amy Schumer-style sketches, and make the crowd really go wild. You know she’d be great at it because we’ve already seen her crack us up while hosting Saturday Night Live and playing a number of different characters in her crazy popular music videos.

She has the experience, that’s for sure.

But aside from the fact that the #squad leader looks like a legitimate comedian up there on that stage, what has me most convinced of her standup ability is simple: it's her confidence. She doesn’t stumble over a word, doesn’t trip over a syllable. She just kills it and doesn’t appear to doubt herself for a second. (By the way, does that kind of confidence come from years of performing for audiences in the tens of thousands? I wanna know because I want some of that. Gimme.)

Bottom line, this video really shows my girl at her best. And if she announces her next project as a primetime standup special, I won't be even the tiniest bit surprised.