Adele Gives V-Day Gift To Singletons Everywhere

by Emily Lackey

If you needed another reason to love the singer/songwriter Adele, here is a pretty good one: Adele has officially set the date for her Live in London special on BBC America and it looks like the concert performance will air on February 14th at 10 p.m. That’s right — Adele set her live performance for Valentine’s Day of this year, and I’m taking it as a personal sign that she loves us and wants us all to feel loved on Valentine’s Day. Because Adele just gave the world the greatest Valentine’s Day gift ever, especially to those of us who are single and were unsure of how to commemorate the day this year. So, if you were looking down the barrel of yet another Valentine's Day on your own, I'm here to tell you that Adele has given us the perfect opportunity to crack open a bottle of the finest wine, spend the entire night in your sweatpants, scream-sing to lyrics that could have written about our exes, and have the time of our music-loving lives.

What else would any of us want for Valentine’s Day, really? A significant other?

No thanks. I’ll take Adele singing softly on a stage over the drama that comes with relationships any day.

Besides, if you ask me, Valentine’s Day has become a day for single people anyway. A day where we can all complain about commercial love, and scoff openly at our saccharine sweet friends whose significant others all suck anyway. Sure, they think we’re “bitter,” but really, it’s because we know that life on the single side totally rocks.

Which is why Adele’s performance seriously couldn’t come at a better time. The special will feature Adele performing some of her classic tracks, along with some of her new songs from her chart-topping album, 25.

I, for one, am crossing my fingers and holding my breath for “Someone Like You” because: Duh.

So, if you didn’t have Valentine’s Day plans, or you were avoiding making them at all costs, you can thank Adele for taking care of what you will be doing that Sunday night. So, go buy all the wine, break out your comfiest sweatpants, stock up on as much Valentine’s Day candy you can find, and get ready for one magical night of drunkenly singing love songs at the top of your lungs.

Has there ever been a better Valentine’s Day plan than that?

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