7 Things That Happen When You Sleep With Makeup

by Lindsey Rose Black

Sleeping with makeup is something that happens to all of us, but not necessarily a wise thing to make a habit of. If you regularly hit the sheets with a ton of products on, brace yourself for the things that can happen when you sleep with makeup. There's zero judgement from me since I've totally been guilty of this, but it's definitely not the best thing to make an actual habit of like The Bachelor's Britt.

While I've slept with makeup on and not had an issue before, there was one time that really made me realize how important it is to regularly try not to. I was out late late after a friend's wedding celebrating with all the other bridesmaids and groomsmen and didn't end up hitting my hotel sheets until about 4 a.m. And let me tell you, there was zero makeup removal happening.

I woke up the next morning to discover my eyes were super red and burning, and my face felt sticky — an overwhelming feeling of yuck, if you will. I ended up with a nightmare of glitter eyeshadow flecks that had gotten under my eyelids and they took forever to successfully flush out. Since that sleeping-in-makeup disaster, I always try to be super responsible.

While I hope you haven't had a horror story like mine, make sure you're prepared for what can happen if you sleep in makeup.

1. Eye Irritation & Infection

Dermatologist Dr. Joel Schlessinger told Bustle writer Courtney Leiva, “Neglecting to remove eye makeup can cause dryness, redness, irritation and infection.” Yikes.

2. Wrinkles

"Sleeping in your makeup can increase your exposure to free radicals," explained Dr. James C. Marotta to Good Housekeeping, "leading to collagen breakdown and skin that ages faster."

3. Breakouts

This might seem obvious, but not removing foundation can definitely lead to majorly clogged pores and pimples.

4. Dry Skin

Dr. Dennis Gross, MD, told Refinery29, "Leftover makeup residue ... can inhibit the absorption of skin-care products by creating a barrier that prevents beneficial ingredients from penetrating the skin's surface." That means your beloved moisturizer won't be able to nourish your parched skin!

5. Clogged Eyelash Follicles

This is not a drill. Sleeping in mascara and thick liner "may result in the clogging of the tiny hair follicles and oil glands on your eyelids," shared dermatologist Dr. Schweiger to Huffington Post. "When these areas become clogged ... small bumps called styes or hordeolums can form." Ouch.

6. Broken Eyelashes

Here's another mascara bummer. Dr. Schlessinger shared, "Left-on mascara can cause eyelashes to become brittle, break easily and even shed faster.” As it managing split ends on your head wasn't enough, am I right?

7. Chapped Lips

Sadly, that fabulous plumping lipstick could also be zapping your pout of moisture if you leave it on too long. Jeannette Graf, MD, told Daily Makeover, "Sleeping with any type of lipstick will result in dryness and chapping." Better to reach for moisturizing lip balm instead!

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