You're Probably Moisturizing All Wrong

I don't leave the house without facial moisturizer infused with SPF on my visage. I won't put any foundation or powder on my face without first washing it and then letting a liberal amount of moisturizer absorb into my skin. There are some very specific tips on how to apply facial moisturizer, and chances are you've been skipping a few important steps. That's okay, though — lots of us are making skincare mistakes. It's not the end of the world, and lots of these habits are easily rectifiable. If daily use of face cream is already part of your morning routine, you are starting off in a good place!

I have so many friends who don't apply moisturizer prior to piling on makeup. I personally can't even imagine not having a smooth, soft, well-moisturized, and flawless canvas on which to build my look for the day. Without a smooth canvas on which to start, you're cruising for a meltdown of the makeup sort.

These are five very common mistakes often made during this step in your skincare routine. Changing the techniques with which you apply your lotion, the amount you use, and several other tips will maximize your morning moisturization and keep your skin in tip top shape. It doesn't matter if you shell out legit amounts of cash for the best product on the market. If you don't apply it properly, it's useless.

Mistake #1: Saturating Your Skin

Solution: You do not need to slather a huge blob of cream on your face — too much moisturizer will just end up clogging your pores and leave you feeling greasy. A quarter-sized dollop, as opposed to an apple-sized glob, is a safe bet, and you can alter how much you use depending on your level of dryness. If you're spending a pretty penny on a quality product, like anything from the mega luxe La Mer range, you don't want to be wasting any, do you?

La Mer, Nordstrom; Try: Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer, $75, Amazon

Mistake #2: Rubbing Too Hard

Solution: Do not vigorously rub the product into your face. That's traumatic to your delicate facial skin, and can cause serious irritation and redness. Instead, use the dap and tap method. Gingerly dab and pat the product on your face, starting from your T-zone and working outwards towards your neck and hairline. Then, use the tips of your fingers to pat and spread it to places that need extra attention.

Mistake #3: Not Letting Things Sink In

Don't rush to layer on your makeup; let your lotion fully absorb into your face before applying any other products. I apply my lotion and then do other stuff — like make my bed or feed the dog — and wait until I am soft-but-not greasy to apply my makeup. This step is critical. If you don't let it absorb, the wetness can interfere with dry shadows or face powder, and then you have to wipe it off and start over, negating any effect and wasting more time.

Mistake #4: Not Paying Special Attention To Under Your Eyes

Solution: Use that ring finger to dab and apply the moisturizer around your eye area. That skin is so tender, so be sure and use the weakest of your fingers to moisturize. Also, it's worth investing in a separate eye cream, since the skin there has different needs from the rest of your face.

Try: Mario Badescu Glycolic Eye Cream, $20, Amazon

Mistake #5: Neglecting Your Neck

Solution: Your neck and décolletage are two areas that show aging and wrinkles first. So it's critical that you don't neglect your neck; instead, protect it. Be sure and apply a liberal amount of moisturizer to your neck, throat, and the chest area just below it, using the same patting method I mentioned above. Pat away from your face, so that any toxins that have built up in your lymph nodes get flushed out.

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Images: Alen-D/Fotolia; Giphy (5)