What You Wear Affects Your Tinder Success

When you're putting together your Tinder profile, you're probably trying to select pictures of yourself that are the most flattering, because, let's face it, Tinder is a rather shallow form of dating, so you want to look as good as possible. You might not be thinking too in depth about what your outfit says about you, but according to a recent study, what you wear in your Tinder profile pictures can affect how many matches you get.

According to Mashable, the study, which looked at the profile pictures of 12,000 Tinder users, both male and female, determined that most people on Tinder are wearing neutral colors in their profile pictures, which makes it really easy to blend in with the crowd. The most popular color for both men and women was black (obviously), followed closely by white, blue and gray, Mashable reports.

Tinder also analyzed the types of clothing people wear in their profile photos, and came to the conclusion that both men and women tend to wear items that reflect their social status and highlight their gender. For example, Mashable reports that 32.8 percent of men wear a long sleeve button up in their primary photo and 22 percent of men are wearing a suit in at least one of their photos, showing other Tinder users that they are not only successful, but also "masculine." Not surprisingly, 0 percent of women wear long sleeve button ups in their primary photo, but 21.7 percent of women are wearing a dress in their profile picture.

So it seems like the key to getting more matches on Tinder is to make yourself stand out (not exactly a groundbreaking conclusion) but now we know the secret to doing so: Wear bright colors. Here are a few things you might want to wear to ensure people swipe right on your pretty profile.


Sleeveless Dress, $25, H&M

Vintage Oxford Shirt, $75, J. Crew

Not only does red signal confidence, it is also going to stand out among the crowd of black, blue and white that everyone tends to wear in their profile pictures.


ASOS T-Shirt With Crew Neck, $10, ASOS

New Look Belted Shirt Dress, $42, ASOS

According to color psychology, green is an "emotionally positive color" so I'm interpreting that as "wear green and potential Tinder mates will get good vibes from you."


Babydoll Top, $42, Torrid

Lightweight Vintage Oxford Cloth Shirt "Bold Violet," $69, J. Crew

I feel like people forget about purple a lot, but it is often a really flattering color for everyone, whether you rock a jewel tone or a pale lavender.

Images: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle, Courtesy Brands