Aaron Paul's 'The Path' Series Trailer Intrigues

Hulu released two exciting new trailers on Saturday: one for a Stephen King adaptation starring James Franco and helmed by J.J. Abrams called 11.22.63 , and one for a scary looking new cult drama starring Aaron Paul and Hugh Dancy called The Path. Both shows look pretty dark, but I'm partial to the mysterious vibe of The Path, which tells the story of a married couple who find themselves caught up in a menacing religious cult movement.

Paul has embarked on a lot of new projects since his best known role as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. He's starred in major motion pictures like Exodus: Gods and Kings and voiced a slacker on the animated comedy BoJack Horseman. Hugh Dancy most recently starred in Hannibal, but it looks like his role might get even darker on this new drama. The series also stars Michelle Monaghan, who recently starred in True Detective. Quite an impressive line up; it looks like Hulu is getting into the series drama game like Netflix and Amazon Prime, and it's going big. Not much had been known about The Path until the teaser trailer was released on Saturday, but now we do know a few things about it. Here's what the trailer reveals:

It's Not About Scientology

The show's writer and executive producer Jessica Goldberg told The Hollywood Reporter that she was frustrated by people saying the show was about scientology. While the cult on the show — called The Meyerist Movement — might share some similarities to the subject of the 2015 documentary Going Clear, Monaghan described herself as more interested in religion in general than in making reference to scientology.

Dancy Will Play The Cult Leader

In exciting/confusing news to those who have a crush on the Hannibal star, Dancy will play the leader of the cult. Monaghan and Paul will play the married couple that tries to balance their lives with the growing influence of their religious lives.

It's Coming Soon

The series will air on March 30th. The series will come in hour-long installments, and like other Hulu shows, it will presumably be released gradually, rather than released all at once.

Goldberg told The Hollywood Reporter that the show's goal "is to look at both sides of religion. Where it brings comfort and then also where it when you against the grain of the faith, that does provide cynicism." From the looks of the trailer, there will also be a lot of intrigue, sex, and symbolism. I'm there.

Images: Hulu/YouTube (3)