Is The Playboy Mansion Being Put Up For Sale?

Playboy Enterprises is really changing gears: According to TMZ, it looks like the historic Playboy Mansion may be put up for sale. The 22,000 square foot Gothic-style estate in which Hugh Hefner has resided for the past four decades, was built in 1927, sits on a six-acre estate, and, according to Thrillist, employs a staff of over 70. If it's listed, according to TMZ, it could reportedly be priced somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 million — but unnamed real estate sources close to the gossip site maintain that the house is a "tear-down" (albeit a very expensive one!) and could sell for somewhere in the $80 million to $90 million range given its history.

Price disputes aside, there are two other points of note about the home. Firstly, interested buyers, who will reportedly be allowed to tour the property sometime this winter, would apparently be forbidden from entering Hef's bedroom. (Weird, but maybe understandable depending on the circumstances, I guess?) Secondly, whoever buys the property reportedly would have to agree to provide Hefner a "life estate," so he may live out the remainder of his years in the mansion.

The news perhaps comes as little surprise to those closest to the publishing mogul. In recent years, Hefner's been winding down his tenure at the company, and Playboy's been contending with the state of media in a whole 'nother era. Still, many a question remains: If the mansion is put on the market, will it sell for $200 million? What will become of his infamous parties in the Grotto?

The answers to these questions, it seems, remain to be seen.