You Can Buy 'Ghostbusters' Action Figures Now

Ghostbusters was one of the greatest franchises of the '80s (all hail Rick Moranis). But you know what's even better? Lady ghostbusters. Specifically, a cast of women Ghostbusters that includes Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon. And even better than that?! Unlike another big franchise (ahem, Star Wars) that failed to include a Rey action figure, the new Ghostbusters will come with six-inch action figure versions of Wiig, Jones, McCarthy, and McKinnon. Over the weekend, director Paul Feig shared a tweet that showcased Mattel's action-figure prototypes for the upcoming film, and the figurines are giving me serious hope for the future of women in Hollywood.

Sadly, though, the action figures are just prototypes and aren't available just yet. How is a gal to celebrate the ultimate love of womanhood that is (hopefully) the new Ghostbusters without some official merchandise? Fortunately, it seems that online stores have our backs, as they're already celebrating the new Ghostbusters with merchandise fangirls will love. Here are some of the best, as well as the Feig-approved action figures fans can hopefully buy soon:

1. Ghostbusters Select Action Figure Series 1

It's time to begin your Ghostbusters action figure collection with some of the old favorites. That way, the lady 'Busters can have cocktail parties with the retro 'Busters in your action figure cabinet when you are asleep. The ones above are just the first series of these collectibles from Urban Collector, so there's always more to collect, too.

Ghostbusters Select Action Figures Series 1, $69.99, Urban Collector

2. Ghostbuster Cookie Cutter

Prove that you ain't afraid of no ghost with this spooky cookie cutter from Etsy that's only $8.99.

Ghostbuster Cookie Cutter, $8.99, Etsy

3. Ghostbusters Ringtone

The best way to make sure people know you're a fan of Ghostbusters is to have a theme song ringtone. Everyone around you won't be able to stop dancing when the phone rings. It will be marvelous. Grab this guy from The Theme Tune Kids for less than a dollar.

Ghostbusters Ringtone, $.89, Amazon

4. Vintage Ghostbuster Pin

Bedazzle that army hat you keep saying you're going to decorate with this vintage pin from Etsy. How weird is is that things from the '80s are considered vintage? Please raise your hand if you feel old.

Vintage Ghostbusters Pin, $1.99, Etsy

5. Ghostbusters Slimed Distressed T-Shirt

This tee is on clearance, so grab it quick from Stylin Online for only $12.99.

Slimed Distressed T-Shirt, $12.99, Stylin Online

6. High Voltage Laser Containment Poster

There is no better way keep people out of places you don't want them to be than to hint that you've go some laser action going down. Unless ,of course, they've got some souls they need to contain, in which case you shouldn't be flaunting your cool gadgets anyway. You can grab your own warning sign at All Posters for only $9.99.

High Voltage Laser Containment Poster, $9.99, All Posters

7. Ghostbusters Popcorn Box and Proton Stream Favor Tags

Prepare for the reboot with a viewing party of the old movies, and these popcorn boxes from Etsy. You will need to be able to do some slight paper-craft, but you can handle it, right? If you made a fortune-teller once during elementary school recess, you can do this.

Ghostbusters Popcorn Box and Proton Stream Favor Tags, $4.00, Etsy

I know it seems like July 15 is so far away and the new Ghostbusters movie will never grace the silver screen, but if you pick up some of these fun items, the time will fly by.

Images: Urban Collector, Etsy (3), Stylin Online, All Posters