A Rundown Of The 'Pretty Little Liars' New Jobs

Pretty Little Liars has been good to us fans. I know that the reveal of Charlotte DiLaurentis, aka CeCe Drake, as A was a disappointment for some, but I. Marlene King and company showed mercy to viewers by flashing forward for the new season and not making us sit through Pretty Little Liars: The College Years. When One Tree Hill did a four-year flash-forward after the Ravens won the championship, it was also perfect. Freeform is doing one better by jumping the Liars five years into the future, giving them time to party, graduate, be sad that they’ve graduated, and start their careers. Of course that makes me very excited to see what the Pretty Little Liars' jobs are in Season 6B.

Before we jump into what actually happened, let’s talk about what many fans likely have assumed the Liars would have been doing after the flash-forward. Aria always had a camera attached to her hand (and got that gallery show before A ruined it all), is so a photographer. Spencer, always politically minded, would definitely be a lobbyist or something in Washington, D.C. She can be very persuasive. Hanna used to be a shoplifter, so it would be very entertaining if she ended up doing loss prevention for a department store. Emily’s injuries and sporty past could possibly team up and inspire her to become a physical therapist. Alison? Honestly, I have no idea what she could do. Her potential is endless, especially since she could probably manipulate her way into many fields.

But this is Pretty Little Liars, where nothing ever goes the way you're expecting, and that includes the Liars' professional paths. Here's what interviews and the "5 Years Forward" special revealed they'll each actually be doing in Season 6B.


Well, at least we were right about Spencer. After Georgetown, Spencer got a job as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill (but let’s be real — she just gets coffee for people). According to Troian Bellisario in the special, Spencer has “high political aspirations.” She is also not dating Toby anymore. Oh well.


Emily did go off to California for her studies, but after the death of her father, she never completed college. She got a job as a bartender and never really looked back. That is, until all of the Liars were forced to return to Rosewood. For more about Emily and the rest of the Liars' futures, check out Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.


Well, I was wrong about the camera. Aria lives in Boston (which is not really the city I pegged for her either) and is working in publishing to some degree. An editorial assistant perhaps? Lucy Hale said in "5 Years Forward" that Aria finds “a love of publishing,” and that she’s “in a good spot.”


Hanna is engaged, but not to Caleb. She also graduated from FIT, interned for Zac Posen, and then met her new fiancé in Europe. Suffice it to say that she does work in fashion, though it's not clear in what capacity. She has a big rock on her hand and jet sets around the world for her job, so it doesn’t sound like her life is too awful. Minus the Caleb thing. I’m not ready to deal with that.


As the end of the 6A finale revealed, Alison is a teacher. She’s responsible for educating the youth of America. Honestly, this kind of makes sense. Alison has lived like, four lifetimes during the course of Pretty Little Liars, and even though she’s really young, she probably wanted a sense of stability in her life. Maybe Alison will inspire future generations, having learned from her own past and high school experience.

These may not be exactly the jobs that you expected from the Pretty Little Liars, but I'm sure Season 6B will have many more, even bigger twists ahead.

Forgot what happened in Season 6A? Check out our (drunk) recap video below.

Images: Eric McCandless/FreeForm (6)