Jacob Tremblay Wins The Golden Globes Red Carpet

If you watched the Golden Globes red carpet pre-show on Sunday, you know that it was filled with gorgeous dresses (J. Lo for the win! Slaaaaaay!), plenty of celebs who brought family members as dates, and lots and lots of talented nominees. But if you ask me, the true winner of the Golden Globes red carpet was Jacob Tremblay, the young star of Room.

The film is nominated for Best Motion Picture, Drama, which means it's an exciting night for the 9-year-old. So, naturally, he marked the occasion by talking to Giuliana Rancic about Star Wars. You know, as one does. For real though, I myself haven't been able to stop talking about The Force Awakens to anyone who will listen, so I understand his need to gab about it with G.

Rancic first asked Tremblay which famous faces he spotted on the red carpet and he immediately mentioned Oscar Isaac. This guy knows what's up! He said that Isaac's Poe is his favorite Star Wars character. Of course, he had to talk about his own movie and his friendship with Room star Brie Larson some, but at the end, Rancic confirmed with Tremblay that if he wasn't an actor, he would want to be a Jedi. (I mean, duh.) Then the E! host pulled out two lightsabers and they had a cute little battle!

If you ask me, we need more kids on the red carpet. They make for an adorable break — especially, if they really, really love Star Wars.