Leo DiCaprio Talks Over The Music Like A Champ

Twitter is buzzing and the Golden Globes rose from their seats, so this can mean only one thing. Yep, Leonardo DiCaprio won the Golden Globe for his role as Hugh Glass in The Revenant. Does it mean that he wins the Oscar? Does it mean that he doesn't win the Oscar? Does it mean more Kate Winslet interactions? Who knows! But, what I do know, is that DiCaprio talked over the music during his acceptance speech like a total champ. And, we probably should have seen that coming.

An actor as prolific and award show resilient as DiCaprio won't let music deter him. Especially not when he has to get out all the thank you's and impassioned pleas that he can, in case the Academy Awards decided to tease him... again. The actor totally basked in his spotlight and took his time, because honestly, if anyone knows that having the award show acceptance speech floor is not come by easily, it is him. But, it wasn't just about thanking people for DiCaprio. He used his speech to get some points across that perhaps he wouldn't have the platform to otherwise.

The music starts around where he acknowledges his makeup artist, and goes for another minute as the Golden Globe winner just keeps on keepin' on. Most importantly, though, he makes a point to thank the, "First nation's people" that were represented in The Revenant and all the "indigenous communities around the world." You can check out DiCaprio trudging right through the acceptance speech wrap up music below:

You do you, Leo.