Garrett Hedlund Cast as Captain Hook in 'Pan,' But How Will He Live Up to Previous Hooks?

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Many actors were competing for the role of Captain Hook in the Peter Pan origin story movie, Pan: Ezra Miller from The Person of Being a Wallflower and Jack Huston from Boardwalk Empire were both being considered for the role. But ultimately, it was Garrett Hedlund who walked away with an offer for the role. Captain Hook is the second role that's been cast for the movie, with Hugh Jackman having already snagged the role of Blackbeard.

Hook is also the first original Peter Pan character to have been cast in the movie. As such, Hedlund will have a lot to live up to — J.M. Barrie's classic children's novel has been interpreted many times on film, and many different Captain Hooks have made the role their own. Here's some of the best, as well as the worst.

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