'Bachelor' Ben Higgins' College GF Broke His Heart

On Jan. 4, the new Bachelor got acquainted with all the women who will be vying for his heart during Season 20 of the show. But for a while, there was another woman who gripped and then seemingly broke his heart — his college sweetheart. So who is Bachelor Ben Higgins' ex-girlfriend who propelled him to find love in Bachelor Nation? Well, Her name is Shaelin Adams and, according to an interview she did with Star magazine, she is from Indiana, just like Higgins. In fact, they met in college at Indiana University, where they both graduated with business degrees.

But, as perfect as that sounds, their young love didn't go the distance and it seems to have changed Ben. Adams told Star that she was initially shocked to see Higgins romancing Kaitlyn Bristowe during The Bachelorette. "Ben’s very grounded and doesn’t seek attention," Adams said in the June 2015 interview. "He never seemed like the type of guy who would want to be on TV. But, the timing was fitting — and I wouldn’t put it past any guy to use another girl to make their ex jealous."

Here's what else you should know about his former flame.

Higgins Used To Tweet About Her A Lot

Many of his past tweets mention her Twitter handle @shaelinjaid, which is now private. Whether or not she tweeted as much about Higgins is unknown.

They Had Mutual Friends

Since they went to college together, naturally Higgins and Adams shared many of the same friends and they all hung out together. Oh, young love.

They Were Seemingly Dating Up Until 2013

Mentions of his ex on the Bachelor's Twitter account seem to halt at 2013, when the two may have called it quits.

She Broke Up With Him

According to Star, Adams broke up with Higgins to pursue a job in Austin, Texas. "Ben offered to give up his life and move with me, but I said no," she told the publication in 2015. "I was young, and I wanted to be selfish and not have Ben tied to me. It was pretty cold turkey, and I don’t think there was any closure on his side."

But, He Was Supportive Of Her Job

Even though he knew this was it for them, Higgins posted this sweet tweet back in 2013.

She Still Lives In Austin

The move seemed to be a good one for Adams, who currently lives in Austin and works for Westlake Dermatology, according to her Facebook profile.

Although its sad that it didn't work out between them, their breakup has given us this season of The Bachelor — chicken enthusiast Tiara, Lace, and all so at least some good came out of it.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC