The New Wristband Tracks Your Emotions For Reals

Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the next generation of snazzy tech products come to shake their tail-feathers and get people excited about the future and/or scared of The Singularity. This year, among the many impressive innovations, a new wearable device that tracks user's emotional state and teaches users how to boost happiness, debuted. The device is appropriately titled "Feel", because #feelings, and it is similar in software and appearance to the FitBit.

The prototype has four sensors built in to take measurements your body’s skin temperature, blood volume pressure, and galvanic skin response. It then takes that data and sends it to the downloadable app you can open up on your phone. There you can keep track of your changes in your body thorough the day and look for patterns and markers. Once you wear the Feel for a while you can really look at the data and make assessments pertaining to your lifestyle.

Maybe your numbers spike during that regrettable late night hour you spend stalking your ex on Instagram. Or maybe your numbers level out when you're talking to your grandma on the phone or walking your dog. I imagine that for many people, seeing the concrete internal data in correlation with the sometimes easy to ignore external data will inspire some significant life changes.

The prototype also comes with mediation and breathing exercies and a general stress management system that will seamlessly fit into your already busy life. Just strap it on and let it do its thing. The device is backed by psychologists and biomedical engineers so while it might not be a fool-proof analysis system, it's got a lot of brain power behind it and it's certainly a step up from your drugstore mood ring.

And while the Feel might be the first tracking device that markets itself as an emotional tracker and enhancer, it's certainly not the first of it's kind. Here are some other innovative trackers that use similar sensors and data to draw conclusions on your overall well-being and health:

1. Basis Peak

This tracker is one of the most detailed sleep tracing devices out there. Track and study your sleep cycles and learn about what you can do to get some quality shut eye and harvest more energy for the day.

2. Jawbone

UP by Jawbone is newer fitness tracking system that includes the help and encouragement of a Smart Coach. It's basically got a chattier version of Siri built-in that offers fitness, health and diet tips throughout the day.

3. Elvie

This tracker doesn't go around your wrist. The Elvie is the the premier kegel tracking device. The Elvie will tell you how you're doing and give you tips and pointers along the way.

4. WellBe

This device will help you track the most stressful parts of your day. As it monitors your stats, it sends the data to an easy to understand app that you can study at the end of each day. Find out what stresses you out the most and work on getting rid of it!

5. Lovely

This device can fit around a penis, dildo or fingers to measure and monitor sexual activity. How many thrusts does it take for you to reach climax? What positions turn you on the most? Lovely will tell you.

Images: Feel; Amazon (2); Elvie; Indiegogo; Indiegogo; Giphy