Watch People Drink Cat Poop Coffee And Actually Kind Of Enjoy It — VIDEO

I think it’s safe to say that most of us love our cats and our coffee — but we want the two to remain separate. Thanks to BuzzFeed, though, we can now watch people drink cat-poop coffee, and test our love for all things feline and caffeinated. That's right — before that delicious, bitter brew found its way into a mug, it first was inside a cat. Which just leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. I don't care how cute a cat's butt is (I'm assuming, at least — I am not overly familiar with cat butts), this is probably not going to be your first choice of beverage in the morning.

Thankfully, this coffee isn’t, er, “processed” by any old house cat. Kopi luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world — it goes for $30 to $100 a cup in London and New York, according to Time. These rare and very unique beans are some of the most prized in the world. Kopi luwak is harvested from the droppings of the Indonesian palm civet. The palm civet is an small, grey and black, tree-dwelling cat that ingests and ferments the coffee cherries in its gastrointestinal tract. This coffee makes the single-origin Sumatra that the office snob grinds fresh every morning look like child’s play.

The civets are very picky cats and eat only the ripest coffee cherries, ensuring that kopi luwak uses the best of the Arabic coffee beans. Arabic coffee is known for its nutty and caramel notes, and by using only the ripest beans, the natural flavor is intensified. There is some debate over whether the civet’s digestive process adds to the flavor. Time reports that being processed by the cat does seem to affect the taste, “The civets’ digestive systems gave kopi luwak a uniquely rich aroma and smooth, rounded flavor.” Many also report tasting a change in acidity, and a somewhat citrusy aftertaste.

BuzzFeed performed what could either be called a "blind taste test" or "cruel prank" on its employees. In the video, they invite people to drink a seemingly innocuous cup of coffee and describe its flavor. Most seem pretty pleased— describing it as smooth, bitter, and sour. Only after the taste test is complete are the origin of the coffee beans revealed. So what were the subjects' reactions once they found out about the surprise? Here are the stages of finding out the coffee you just drank came out of a cat.

1. Shock

It was hard for some to comprehend what was actually happening. It was even harder for them to keep down what they had just imbibed.

2. Denial

Some just couldn't believe such a thing would even exist! And why??

3. Understanding

Some were pleased to finally understand why there was a flavor that they just couldn't place.

4. Acceptance

Finally, the drinkers affirmed that even though it came from a kitty, the cuppa joe was pretty good!

To find out more about civets and this unbelievable coffee, watch the full video here:

Images: YouTube