Is It Weird To Have A Crush On Simba From 'The Lion King'? Well, You're Certainly Not Alone

Sometimes in our lives, as fans of media, we need to ask ourselves the hard-hitting questions. Questions such as, "Is it weird to think Buzz Lightyear is hot?"(No, it's not, he's super hot.) Or what would my favorite cartoon characters look like in real life?" (Also mostly hot.) OK, maybe not hard-hitting, but definitely relevant and important to the course of human development (probably!). In the latest round of fan worship of the '90s (all hail the '90s the best time for television and movies), we delve into the age-old question that every Disney-raised person has had to ask over the course of their lives: Is it weird to think Simba from The Lion King is hot?

No, of course it's not. Sure, he's a lion, but he's a cartoon lion that has human characteristics, so it's OK. And not weird. I swear. Maybe. Probably. Right? Yeah. It's definitely not weird. It's not like he's a real lion. I mean, if you had a crush on Flipper or Air Bud, that would be weird. But crushing on Simba? You're in the clear. We've all been there. He is one kind-hearted male lead protagonist who's based off Hamlet (even more OK when Shakespeare is involved). Allow me to show you seven reasons why it's OK that you've got a thing for Simba. You don't have to join a support group, but you can if you want to because sometimes it's just nice to talk about feelings.

1. He's Got Great Hair

Red hair is very rare in America, and beautiful, and his '90s hairstyle with the face-framing is certainly more humanoid than lionoid.

2. His Voice Is Angelic

This is in regards to young Simba. When we were young, Jonathon Taylor Thomas was the dreamiest of the dreamboats, and, therefore, his voice was also gorgeous. Matthew Broderick, who voices older Simba isn't as cute as JTT but... his voice is.

3. He's Playful

A fun guy is the kinda guy I can get behind. I'm sure we can all agree on that.

4. But He Has Passion

The king of Pride Rock cares so much for his citizens. He is such a devoted ruler when he finally gets around to reclaiming the throne, and it's truly magestic.

5. He's Experienced Loss And Came Out Better For It

Losing his pops at a young age made him a much stronger person... er... um... lion. Such depth! Such strength! Swoon!

6. He's A Good Son

How many sons can say they saved their mother from an evil husband who also happens to be their brother-in-law? Not many.

7. And A Good Boyfriend/Husband

Swoon. So romantic.

8. And A Good Friend

To be fair, Timon and Pumba saved Simba from uncertain death in the desert, but he totally could have turned around and eaten them. Yet he didn't, and he continued to protect them, which was so cute.

9. He's Spiritual

I can always appreciate a guy who's down with the otherworldly. An open mind is key.

So you see? It's all right. You are normal. Well, no one is normal; that isn't a state of being that truly exists. But at least you're not a crazy person for being attracted to Simba the cartoon lion. It's OK. I promise. Now let's all go watch The Lion King for the millionth time guilt-free.

Images: Walt Disney Motion Pictures; Giphy (9)