Comparing All The Weird 'Hey Arnold' Head Shapes, Because They Don't Call Him Football Head For Nothing

I know, I know, you're stupidly psyched that Hey Arnold! is returning with a brand new movie. All of your childhood dreams are coming true, because no one can deny that Hey Arnold! was an impeccable, sophisticated, before-its-time TV show with a weird sentimental streak which made it relatable and utterly realistic. Well, kind of. You also can't deny that Hey Arnold! was largely iconic because of Arnold's football-shaped head, and to be honest, a lot of the heads in that show were pretty out-of-this-world.

Which hey, I'm not critiquing as an artistic choice! It was a cartoon sandwiched between the adventures of talking babies, (aaah!) real monsters and like, Catdog. I'm just saying that there are truly insane head shapes going on in that neighborhood. I mean, none of them are quite as memorably football-shaped as Arnold's. After all, Arnold's is the only one who lovingly gets a nickname based on head-shape. But there's a mass collective of weird hair styles and frighteningly large noses that make Arnold's classmates a band of adorable freaks. I mean, seriously guys, what's in the water in that town where this was allowed to happen?

But hey, you don't have to take my word for it. In celebration of Arnold's return. We've lovingly compiled some of the best heads in P.S. 118 and compared them accordingly, from "aggressively acceptable" to "totally absurd."

And um, honorable mention to Grandpa Phil for his weird butt-chin.

Images: Nickelodeon (1)