Justin Bieber’s Mugshot & 7 Other Celebs Who Were Smiley Post-Arrest

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Justin Bieber was arrested this morning. Oh, you already heard about that? My bad, I didn't realize that you know how to use a computer or read or listen to people. But yes, it's true he was arrested and while that's great because of comeuppance and all that, it's even better because Justin Bieber's mugshot will make you laugh. I guarantee it! The smile is just so smug, the eyes so glazed over, the hair so tall. There's a lot to love here.

Bieber's ridiculous smile brings to mind celebrity mugshots of years past. Tons of celebrities have gotten arrested and had their mugshots released to the public and while most of them are wearing appropriately sad or upset faces, there are some gems out there. There are model poses, duck faces, and more big smiles just like Bieber's.

Click through our slideshow of the best smiling celeb mugshots and try to decide if they're actually happy, being jerks, or just too drunk to notice.

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