Jennifer Scored The First Real 'Bachelor' KIss

The 2016 season of The Bachelor is officially in full swing, which means the kissing has begun. Ben Higgins might have been all about getting to know the woman during the premiere much to Lace's dismay, the first real kiss of the 2016 Bachelor season went to Jennifer Saviano, after a group date to "Bachelor High,"where the women competed in school-themed challenges before hanging out on an LA rooftop, where the kiss happened. It was obvious from watching them together that Ben and Jennifer have serious chemistry, so she might be one to watch this season. Except so far, we haven't seen much of her on the show until now. So who is Bachelor contestant Jennifer?

According to her ABC bio, she's a 25-year-old small business owner from Florida who loves country music, hot weather, and described her ideal mate as Ben Higgins, which means she's definitely on this show "for the right reasons." She definitely seemed sweet and low-key during the first cocktail party of the season, but after Monday's episode, it's easy to see her feelings for Ben are already heating up. And, as far as I can tell, Ben seems to be into her, too.

I mean, look at this kiss. Too cute!

It'll be interesting to see if Jennifer ends up with any type of advantage in Ben's eyes after scoring that coveted first kiss. (I'm not counting Lace's kiss as the first kiss since Ben didn't technically consent to that.) So, best of luck to Jennifer! Um, if Lace doesn't get to her first.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC