Catch 'The Bachelor' Contestants On Social Media

by Lindsey Kupfer

It has become a ritual for Bachelor fans to not only sit down on a Monday night with their friends, a giant bottle of wine, and the TV, but to also join in on Twitter chatting about the show. Most of the contestants are watching right alongside fans, and sometimes might even respond to comments. So, this year I’ve made it easy and found all the Bachelor contestants' social media accounts so you can easily follow them before the Season 20 Bachelor premiere. You should also obviously be following Bachelor Ben Higgins on Twitter @benhiggi. (And, yes, the fact that his handle is not his full name will bother me forever.) But, who didn’t follow him immediately at the beginning of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season after seeing his cute face though?

Since it’s my job to creep on all their profiles and learn everything I can about the contestants (no, seriously, it's actually my job since I'm an entertainment writer), I made it easy to find each person via Twitter and Instagram since those are the most popular accounts. I also decided to give you a preview as to what you will find on each woman's page. Spoiler alert: There are a lot of seriously pretty pictures.

Amanda Stanton

According to her ABC bio, this Laguna Beach mom has two little girls from a previous marriage. Naturally, there are tons of pictures of her two kids (who are super cute, by the way) and the beach. These little ladies are living the life in the OC.

Twitter: Amandastantonnn

Instagram: Amanda_stantonn

Amber James

Amber is a familiar face considering she was on Chris Soules’ season and then ended up on Bachelor in Paradise over the summer. Now she’s back for her third round on the show. Maybe third time's the charm.

Twitter: Amberjameschi

Instagram: Amberj22chi

Becca Tilley

We all remember Becca from Chris’ season and now the San Diego native is back to try and win over Ben Higgins. From the looks of her social media, she’s been hanging out with former Bachelor contestants and getting paid for posting some sponsored Instagram photos.

Twitter: Beccatilley5

Instagram: Beccatilley5

Breanne Rice

Unfortunately Breanne Rice deactivated all of her social media accounts back in September, around the time that the show began to film. You can check out her website though about holistic health and for a pretty penny you can get nutritional therapy sessions with her.

Caila Quinn

Her ABC bio reveals she's a software sales rep (just like Ben) who lives in Boston. While her Twitter account is fairly new, you are guaranteed some awesome food pics if you follow her on Instagram.

Twitter: Cailaquinn

Instagram: Cailaquinn

Emily and Haley Ferguson

Get ready for lots of twin pics when you go to Emily and Haley’s social media pages. The twins live in Las Vegas, but are not actually “twins” for a career. They were waitresses at the Marquee in the Cosmopolitan hotel before coming on the show.

Emily’s Twitter: efergie13

Emily’s Instagram: efergie13

Haley’s Twitter: hfergie11

Haley’s Instagram: hfergie11

Isabel “Izzy” Goodkind

Izzy posts lots of pics with her friends. It’s kind of like looking at Katie Holmes' life if she wasn’t super famous.

Instagram: igoodkind

Facebook: igoodkind

Jackie Dion

I honestly can’t tell too much about her from social media except that she loves horses, USC, and one time she met Giada De Laurentiis.

Instagram: jackiedion

Facebook: jackie.dion

Jami Letain

Jami, the token Canadian contestant, has a leg up on the competition considering she knows former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe. At least, I think that would be a plus. She likes hockey, dancing, and constantly looks like she’s having a fun time. She's like Kaitlyn 2.0.

Twitter: jrletain

Instagram: jrletain

Jennifer Saviano

Jennifer is your typical Florida gal. What do I mean by that? She’s always in summer clothes and near a boat or a beach making everyone else super jealous through the cold winter months.

Twitter: Jennifersaviano

Instagram: Jensav11

Jessica Moser

Another Florida native who always looks like their enjoying the warm weather. Clearly I’m living in the wrong place. Jessica is also skilled at food pics.

Twitter: jmosee

Instagram: jessicamoser

Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher

JoJo is a family gal, so get ready to see lots of pics of her two brothers. She also posts lots of cute photos of her puppy, so follow her for those updates. They’re worth it.

Twitter: Joellefletcher

Instagram: Joelle_fletcher

Jubilee Sharpe

Jubilee’s Instagram will pretty much just make you jealous because she’s a total badass in army gear one minute and the next she’s killing it in a gown. She's the best of both worlds.

Instagram: jubilee1991

Facebook: jubilee.sharpe

Lace Morris

Although Lace does have a Twitter, she hasn't been active on the account for a number of years now. Her Instagram is also set to private.

Twitter: lacemorris

Instagram: Lovelylace3

Laura Esselman

She’s either super new to Twitter or doesn't like it, but her Instagrams are all photos with her and friends. She has more friends than I could ever keep track of. Good for her.

Twitter: Laura_Esselman

Instagram: lesselman

Lauren “LB” Barr

She doesn't seem to have a Twitter, but Lauren Barr’s Instagram page is filled of photos with her and her pals. There are two photos of her with PGA golfer Rickie Fowler looking pretty chummy. Hmm, wonder if that means she doesn't make it too far into the season?

Instagram: _lbarr_

Lauren Bushnell

The flight attendant posts lots of photos with her friends on Instagram (she doesn't seem to have a Twitter). According to Reality Steve, she’s actually friends with Josh Murray’s ex Anna Von Staehle.

Instagram: lauren_bushnell

Lauren Himle

The Ann Arbor kindergarten teacher has a side business of selling jewelry, so her Instagram account is dedicated to showing off her merchandise. Her Twitter account is fairly new, so if you want to chat with her, now might be the time before she gains a lot of followers (supposing she isn't eliminated on the first day).

Twitter: LaurenMhimle

Instagram: keepbylauren

Lauren Russell

She’s a math teacher from Houston and her profiles are all private, which is actually probably smart since she’s a teacher, but it's not ideal for Bachelor fans who want to creep.

Instagram: ll_a_u_r_e_n

Facebook: lauren.alyssa.russell

Leah Block

This event planner already has a one-up on the other women considering her ABC bio reveals she already lives in Denver near Ben. She’s obsessed with the Broncos and live tweets football.

Twitter: Leahblock

Instagram: Leahblock

Maegan Miller

I can’t find anything but a Facebook for cowgirl Maegan, but if I was her, I would make an Instagram for the mini horse she owns right now. Her Facebook is full of animals, beer, and Texas things, which is not too surprising considering her profession is being a cowgirl.

Facebook: Maegan.Miller

Amanda “Mandi” Kremer

Apparently Mandi is a dentist/model because her Instagram includes lots of modeling, not to mention she absolutely loves being in a bathing suit. She’s got a fat english bulldog that needs her own Instagram immediately.

Twitter: mandikremer

Instagram: Mandi_kremer

Olivia Caridi

The news anchor was living in Virginia before she came on The Bachelor working for a local news station. She deactivated her accounts that were associated with the news station, meaning that when she went on the show she probably quit her job.

Twitter: OliviaCaridi

Instagram: OliviaCaridi

Rachel Tchen

Right now her Instagram is set to private, but I imagine if she makes it past the first episode she will make it public. She also doesn't have a Twitter right now, but again, she will probably make one down the road since everyone on the show is active on social media.

Instagram: racheltchen

Facebook: rachel.tchen

Samantha Passmore

Her Instagram is private and she’s not on Twitter, but her Facebook shows that she had a pretty cool Halloween costume and that she got a job at a law firm in November.

Instagram: sampass

Facebook: samantha.passmore

Shushanna Mkrtychyan

She’s not on Twitter and her Instagram is private so I pretty much know nothing about her except for what’s in her Bachelor bio.

Instagram: Shushanna_mk

Tiara Soleim

She reminds you on both accounts that she really loves chickens, so you won’t forget that’s her thing. (She's the Chicken Enthusiast.) There are tons of chicken pics on her profile as well as pics of horses. Also, she forgot to mention that she’s got a bearded dragon. Basically if you’re not into animals, Tiara isn’t into you.

Twitter: LowandSlow00

Instagram: mizz_minxy

Now go forth and learn about these contestants before the season starts!

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Images: Rick Rowell/ABC (29)