Is Lace Crazy On 'Bachelor' Or Just Competitive?

Let me start off by saying that I don’t like calling women “crazy” — I think it downgrades their feelings, especially since men usually think women are acting hysterical when they have to express themselves. So no, I don't think Lace from The Bachelor is crazy. That being said, she's not necessarily handling the journey in the best way thus far. She started things off fine, if a little inappropriate, giving Ben an unsolicited kiss after she got out of her limo. She also yelled at Ben for not providing her with “enough eye contact.” Lace was also possibly kind of drunk, so I’ll give it a pass. We all do stupid things when we have alcohol. But, as Lace started going on dates, things got weirder.

On the first group date, Lace kept lamenting that she needed time to explain herself to Ben. Ben, Ben, Ben. Everything is about Ben. (I guess that means she's there for the right reasons?) In her interview, she said things like, “Do you even notice me? Do you know I’m here?” Well, there are a bunch of other women on the show, Lace, so I’m sure he knows you’re here only on like, a really basic level. Anyway, Lace finally cornered Ben, and she completely apologized for the night before, saying that it really wasn’t “her” and she didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. Ben admitted that he did “feel that [he] was being attacked,” because his not making eye contact with her “wasn’t intentional.” Yep, this is a real conversation on Week 2 of The Bachelor.

Now, I’m really glad that Lace apologized for acting strange on the first night of the show. Sometimes, we get drunk, we get bent out of shape, and we say stupid things, especially when nervous (if you’re me). Lace really earned some points for owning up to that. But, then she ruined it by talking to the camera about how Ben was making more eye contact than ever and screaming at Jubilee for daring to interrupt her conversation with Ben before they could kiss. Then Lace went back and interrupted another girl to talk to Ben more. Wait your turn, girlfriend.

Everything on The Bachelor is about editing, but even the most magic of producers couldn’t make this stuff up. I want to like Lace, but she is so not going about getting Ben the right way. I think that women should go after what they want, but she is handily pissing off everyone around her. It’s going to be a long six weeks (if she makes it to the end) to be in a house where everyone hates you.

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Images: Rick Rowell/ABC