'The Bachelor' Has Some Cool Travel Spot Lined Up

by Lindsey Kupfer

With a new search for love on ABC comes the chance to send The Bachelor contestants around the globe. Where will the show travel for Ben Higgins' Bachelor season? Hopefully, it gets out of the United States for awhile, because, let’s be honest, dates around the world are so much more exciting than dates in South Dakota. (Sorry, Chris Soules!) Using teaser previews and my general knowledge of past seasons of The Bachelor, I've speculated where the contestants may go this season, and so far the locales seem pretty cool!

As of Week 3, the contestants were still hanging in Los Angeles like they always do for the first few episodes. Viewers have seen dates at a local high school and L.A. Coliseum for the soccer game. Lauren B. got to go hot tubbing in literally the middle of nowhere California and Caila was taken to an outdoor/backyard store in the city. However, Jubilee got to go down to San Diego for the day. Not a bad one-on-one date considering it’s in the U.S.

It’s a bit of a dilemma, though isn't it? You want one of the first one-on-one dates, but you also want a one-on-one date in a seriously awesome place like Nick Viall had with Andi Dorfman in Italy. So, which places do viewers (and contestants) get to look forward to this season?

Las Vegas

Episode 4 brings the group to Vegas, as we saw in the previews for Monday's episode. Olivia was dressed in some crazy outfit, so I'm assuming the ladies have to put on a show of sorts. They are in Vegas, so a performance wouldn't be super surprising. The preview also revealed that Ben and Becca have a one-on-one and it looked like they were hanging out in a chapel. So, that should be interesting.

Mexico City

You can tell from the season preview that the crew heads down to Mexico City at some point this season. They pan over a view of the The Palacio de Bellas Artes. But, I assume that the contestants don't actually go there, because an art date on The Bachelor would pretty much never happen. I mean, one time Desiree Hartsock and Sean Lowe went to an art gallery, but it was just an elaborate prank date where Sean made Desiree think she broke a priceless heirloom. But, maybe the women will have a dinner in the The Palacio, or something.

Somewhere The Women Have To Wear Bikinis

It wouldn’t be The Bachelor if the show didn’t go some place where it was necessary to have a bikini. In the previews, there are shots of the women on a boat and jumping in the water. Hopefully they go somewhere exciting that's far away from America. I'm ready for some real adventures here.

Warsaw, Indiana

I think at some point they will probably head back to Ben's hometown. It's super important to him, and I assume he will bring some of the last-standing women back there to be introduced to his family and where he grew up.


I paused the preview at just the right time. Look at the top left corner: Seems like Ben is heading to the Windy City with one lucky lady. I hope they eat some Lou Malnati's while they're in the city, or it's just not worth it.

This Place

Um, somewhere with hurricanes? I hope not. That seems dangerous.

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Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; ABC (4)