Ben Higgins Loves Denver & Taylor Swift

Dear Denver residents, when Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor comes to an end, maybe you will spot him lurking around your area, so keep those eyes peeled. Even though I'm sure the show will play up his down-to-earth small hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, the Ben currently lives in Denver where he's a software salesman. (Although, to be fair, I doubt he’s still working at his job after landing his new career as The Bachelor.) Since there are 28 Bachelor contestants trying to win over the Denver native this season, it seems kind of important to figure out what Ben does for fun — especially considering one lucky lady may be joining him in the Mile High City.

Naturally, I used his Instagram to figure out what Ben likes to do for fun when he’s not courting a ton of women and here’s what I learned: If you’re not into outdoor adventures, your relationship with Ben Higgins probably won’t make it very far. He’s a religious, concert-going, outdoorsy person and hopefully one of the ladies on the show will match that description. If not, I’m sure it won’t be long until he finds someone in Colorado that’s pretty much exactly like him. Personally, I am still secretly hoping that he and Tenley will find each other after this whole thing is over.

Until then, here's what Ben Higgins’ likes to do in Colorado:

He Sees Shows At Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Eight months ago our Bachelor was taking in a show at the Colorado landmark.

He Enjoys Fishing

At some point I need someone to explain to me why all men feel the need to take pictures with dead fish, but that’s a topic for another day. Our Bachelor loves to go fishing and there are plenty of places to do that in Colorado. Maybe one day if you’re ever out on a random boat in Colorado you will spot him reeling in his dinner.

He Likes Country Concerts

He and a bunch of his dude friends went to see the Turnpike Troubadours awhile back. Ben enjoys country music, so I wouldn't be surprised if he went out of his way often to see shows in Denver.

He Goes Hiking

If you live in Colorado and you don’t enjoy hiking, you’re not meant to live there.

He Plays Flag Football

He and his buddies are on a flag football team together. I prefer sloshball, but it’s nice to watch a group of attractive men play football in a park.

He Goes To 24-Hour Fitness

How else will he keep up on his basketball game?

He Roots For Denver Sports Teams

You may be able to spot Ben at various sporting events. He’s been seen at Nuggets games, Broncos games, and Rockies games. Take your pick.

He Loves Taylor Swift Concerts

Which is probably why every woman in America is obsessed with him.

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Images: ABC/Craig Sjodin