Late Night Hosts Honor David Bowie

Whether you were a fan of David Bowie, not a fan of David Bowie, or liked his music and didn't engage with the problematic aspects of his life, there can be no doubt that Bowie had a massive effect on our culture and music. His career, spanning four decades, left a legacy that will not be forgotten just because David Bowie passed away tragically on Sunday. If you need added proof of that, aside from the international mourning that took place as the news spread on Monday, then look no further than the late night tributes to David Bowie that were made on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Conan, and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. The hosts took time during their respective shows to remember Bowie, the impact he had on them as a person, and the undeniable fact that he was a musical legend that was taken from us too soon.

As with every time the late night hosts take the time to remark on a tragedy of any kind, it's hard to watch these without shedding at least a few tears, either at the memory or at the frank reminder of the fact that Bowie is gone only a few days after releasing his final album and music video. So, make sure you have plenty of tissues ready, and perhaps a friend to hold your hand as you watch these two gorgeous tributes to the legend and the man.

Jimmy Fallon

Fallon was incredibly emotional about the news that Bowie had fallen away — not in the sense that he burst into tears or anything, but in the sense that he took pauses to compose himself as he spoke. "We would actually email each other jokes, every now and then," Fallon said, unsmiling. "He was brilliant and sharp and dark and funny... I was trying to think of something funny to say, but it just wouldn't come out right."

Conan O'Brien

"The man was always outstanding. People are remembering today what a phenomenal musician David Bowie was and, of course, that was the case. He was just mind-blowingly talented, but, in my experience, he was also an incredibly nice person. He was fun. He was always funny," said O'Brien, before playing a selection of clips of some of the "fun times" that he had with Bowie over the years. The montage, which lasted for five minutes, was a beautiful way of showing off Bowie's hilarious sense of humor and intense stage presence.

Stephen Colbert

There's no better way to honor a musician than with a tribute concert, and that's exactly what Colbert gave everyone on The Late Show when he, his musical guests El Vy and Stay Human, and bandleader John Batiste all teamed up to perform "Let's Dance" for their audience. There are no words for the magnificent performance. You just kind of have to watch it.

It's hard to look upon these tributes and realize that such an icon is gone from our lives so easily, but through his music, through these tributes, and through our memories, the musical legacy of David Bowie will always live on.