This Ketchup Portrait Of Adele Wins The Internet

While beautiful art is always great, beautiful are that you can also eat is downright amazing — and if you do not agree, I challenge you check out this ketchup portrait of Adele by artist Rob Ferrel. But this mind-blowing condiment-based portrait is just another day at work for Ferrel, who specializes in creating gorgeous, detailed portraits using everyday household objects. I never could have imagined that the contents of my refrigerator could somehow be used to make a beautiful art piece (unless we're calling a sandwich a beautiful art piece, which might be fair).

Rob Ferrel, who goes by the handle @robtheoriginal on Instagram, Twitter and other social media, is a professional hair artist and master barber, which means that Ferrel does way more than just trim your split ends. Ferrel makes hair art — a quick look around his Instagram account reveals a hair art portrait of Bruce Lee, a portrait of the Weeknd made of hair clippings, and a hair portrait of Queen Latifah that pleases the Queen herself. Hair is his preferred medium and his brushes are regular barber tools.

But if you look at his portfolio, you'll see that he has expanded his craft into other mediums, making masterpieces out of salt, ketchup, and other foods — like his Oreo portrait of Tupac. And the world has certainly noticed — Ferrel's work has been featured on ESPN and other spots on the web, and is now blowing up everywhere.

Take a look at the amazing works that Rob has created and try not to feel jealous at his artistic talent and eye for shadow work. Seriously. In my mind, the only person that can come close to touching this guy is the man who makes pancake art. Can you tell beautiful food is my weakness? Anyway! Enjoy some highlights of Ferrel's work and process below.

1. Adele

The queen of our hearts has finally been made into an edible work of art. I support this 100% — the only thing better than a portrait Adele is a portrait of Adele that you could also eat.

2. The Process

If you were wondering how Rob created this masterpiece, you can check out the full video here.

3. Other Creations

In addition to his Adele portrait and hair art, Rob has created other beautiful pieces, like this tribute to the pot smoking dudes that stole our hearts in the '70s, Cheech and Chong . He has also created salt portraits of sports figures such as Stephen Curry, as well as pizza versions of celebs like Gabriel Iglesias.

Who knew learning about art could be so delicious?

Images: Youtube