Dad Makes Insanely Realistic Disney Pancakes

You've been told upside down and backwards that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and while I don't want to hurt lunch and dinner's feelings, I've decided that this is an inarguable truth. Not because breakfast is healthy or anything, but because breakfast means that Saipancakes, the dad who makes pancake art of famous people, is open for business. His pancakes capture these characters so spot-on perfectly that I don't even know how you could eat them, and this is coming from a person who eats like it is their job.

Nathan Shields, the man behind the pancakes, was always destined for breakfast badassery: He works as an illustrator, math-teacher, and self-described "professional dad". He says his family was on a nine month stint in Saipan when he started impressing his kids with his pancake creations (hence the clever username), and once they started posting videos, the insane popularity only took off from there.

Basically all you need to make art like his is a 12 inch squeeze bottle, pancake batter, and the will of a champion. You can see from the videos and Vines that he posts just how quickly he gets these pancakes into prime caricatures, so there's not a lot of room for falling asleep on the job. Still, with a little bit a patience and a ton of practice, maybe you too will be able to create pancakes and prolific as these:

President Obama

Princess Merida

Leonard Nimoy

Cinderella, Tiana, and Jasmine

Zombie pancake

Stephen Hawking

And my personal favorite (seriously, you will never regret watching this):

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna

Saipancake is also active on Facebook and Instagram, where Shields posts his weekly creations and even takes pancake art requests.

For longer tutorials on how to make your own caricature pancakes, check out his YouTube channel here. In the meantime, I would like to apologize to everyone on the internet who is now as ridiculously hungry as I am.

Image: Saipancake/Facebook