See The Secrets Riders Confessed To Their Driver

Based on the success of confession solicitors like Post Secret and the Whisper app, I'm convinced that all people are walking around with secrets burning in their pockets, waiting for an opportunity to get rid of them by letting them be known. What else would explain the phenomena of people confessing secrets to strangers? It's as if we need to know only one thing before we unleash our most careful truths: that no one can trace it back to us so there will be no repercussions. As long as we don't ever have to look the person in the eye who knows our secret and as long as we don't have to be accountable for it, we're happy to share anything.

Secrets, unlike gossip, are cathartic to release, which is another great appeal of blabbing to strangers when prompted. When we hold something in, we create an anxiety-ridden force field inside ourselves and it take a lot of our precious energy and mind space to keep it on lock. In fact, the longer you hold on to a secret, the more you put yourself at risk for all sorts stress-related health issues.

So when a Distractify writer Ryan Park had the clever plan to become a Lyft driver and ask people to share their secrets with him via a confession notebook, secrets quickly filled the pages. From sexual escapades to embarrassing drunken admissions, Park's passengers were more than willing to unload a little on the way to getting to where they were going. Of the many shocking and cringe-worthy confessions, these are a few of my favorites:

1. Salad Fingers

"I just got a massage this morning from a I guy I had just had sex with. He didn't have massage oil. So he used olive oil. Made me feel like an organic goddess."

Listen, whatever works. Oil is oil, right? Ain't nothing to be ashamed of!

2. Oo Ee Oo Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang

"I used voodoo on my ex."

Yikes. Was the breakup that bad? Have you checked up on your ex? Maybe you should. And, is that legal?

3. Three's Company

"I'm obsessed and in love with my best friend...and I'm married to someone else."

Well, that's awkward, but I'm sure it happens all the time. Hope you you get a chance to tell your husband before he finds out about it online!

4. She Kissed A Girl And She Liked It

"I like guys but I hooked up with a girl and it was awesome!"

A little experimentation never hurt anyone. Way to be a cheerleader for open-mindedness!

Images: Pixabay