6 Foods That Never Expire

Many of us live a busy and on-the-go lifestyle, which makes it difficult to buy groceries, knowing that they'll start to go rotten before we have a chance to eat them. However, for those of us like to have food on hand, it can be useful to keep foods that never expire in our pantry, so for those days we are home, there's always something to nibble on. Whether you're trying to get prepared for an emergency situation or just want to get some groceries that last awhile, it's good to know which foods go bad and which you can keep without fear.

"Even though there are expiration dates on some packages, many can be safely consumed beyond that date," Natalie Stephens, RD at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center says to Bustle over email. "Frozen foods and dried foods are great ways to have foods picked at their prime and prepared for long term storage."

It's always a good idea to pay attention to labels, but if you know which foods perish easily and which can withstand time, it can help you better plan out your grocery list. If you want to stock up your kitchen with longterm options, consider loading up on these six foods that never expire.

1. Rice

"Rice has no moisture for molds and no oils to breakdown," says Stephens. Keep a bag of rice in your cupboard for a good source of carbohydrates that can be made at any meal.

2. Vinegar

"The acid [in vinegar] prevents bacterial growth," says Stephens. White vinegar lasts the longest and should be stored in a cool dark area.

3. Sugar

"Honey, 100 percent maple syrup, white, brown, and powdered won’t support bacterial growth if stored properly," says Stephens. Even if these sugars slightly change in texture, they still remain safe.

4. Vanilla Extract

Because vanilla extract contains alcohol, it can stay preserved indefinitely, as the Huffington Post pointed out. However, this is only the case for pure vanilla extract, as the imitation variety does not include alcohol in its ingredients.

5. Salt

Salt never goes bad, and it always retains its potency, since it is a mineral. This includes all types of salts such as sea salt, kosher salt, and table salt.

6. Ghee Butter

This type of clarified butter, if stored in the proper cool, dark place, can last as long as your heart desires. Unlike regular butter that needs to be refrigerated, ghee butter just contains milk solids at the bottom and clarified butter at the top, making it a long-lasting food choice.

When in doubt, it's always best to toss food that seems sketchy, but if you keep your food stored properly, the above foods should last you a lifetime.

Images: Fotolia (1, 2); Pixabay